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    Is that rare? Or do nurses tend to exaggerate? I do what I gotta do and on time.
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    I work nights and my coworkers and I are almost always waiting for the time clock to click over to 7:11am so we can clock out. Very rarely do any of us have to stay past 7:15.

    Day shift is a different story. I see a lot of those nurses staying 30 mins to a hour after their shifts end charting.
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    I work day shift and majority of the time, I get out on time or stay no more than 30 minutes. Only once in past 5 years I have had to stay more than 1 hour over.
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    It depends on what hospital you're at and how much charting you're required to do. There's SO MUCH to do, plus you have to wait around for other nurses to come so you can finally give report to them. And sometimes the other nurses are chit chatting or dilly dallying or just taking forever to give report, so you have to wait around for them. And if you have to give report to 2 or 3 other nurses, that's not fun... and having so much to do, you have no time to chart everything you have to, so then you gotta chart your assessments, narrative notes, etc.
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    I hate to say this but there are some folk out there who really do manage to get out on time. And they do their jobs well. They are focused and no-nonsense. I just don't know how they do it. I can never manage it.
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    Most days I get out on time. The only times I don't is change of shift emergency, a call in that left us short all day, an afternoon meeting putting me behind, or a new change to the computer system I don't understand yet. All are fairly rare.
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    On the floor, no I never did. There was always a patient on the light, someone needing meds, etc, and I refuse to let patient care suffer for charting. In the ICU I find myself more focused and able to manage my time better. I get out between 7:15-7:30. Giving report on two patients vs. 5-6 helps significantly as well.
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    In our PICU, most everyone is out on time every day.
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    I work day shift and 95% of the time I leave right on time. The people on our floor that don't are the ones that are constantly talking about their families, their vacations, exclaiming loudly to everyone how busy they are. If they would just shut up and do their work they would get out on time too.
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    Almost never get out on time. During day shifts I'm likely to stay an extra 30 min to an hour. Night shifts I usually can get out pretty close to on time. I've only been a nurse for a year so I'm hoping I get more time efficient with experience...

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