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  1. silverbells_star

    Patient Discharges

    I can have you out in the amount of time it takes me to print your paperwork, however to the pt it feels like it took hours, because the darn residents tell the pts on their 0600 rounds they are being discharged but forget to mention that the attending and all the consults have to approve first. So frustrating.
  2. silverbells_star

    Difference between night and day nurses

    Yes! Pepper the Cat, totally agree, I will work a crazy stressed day shift any day over working nights, any day.
  3. silverbells_star

    I get out on time...

    I work day shift and 95% of the time I leave right on time. The people on our floor that don't are the ones that are constantly talking about their families, their vacations, exclaiming loudly to everyone how busy they are. If they would just shut up and do their work they would get out on time too.
  4. silverbells_star

    No Visitors

    Then the pt needs to request to be listed as confidential and they can proceed to inform those certain people what room, etc.
  5. silverbells_star

    Do nurses usually work 3 12-hour shifts a week for full pay?

    I work full time at a hospital (3-12s), graduated last year, then hourly pay was $23.15 (Ohio) now it's $23.50, I also work casual at a hospice agency ($25/hr). I just tell the casual position the days I'm available after I get my hospital schedule. I find it works great, my co-workers think it's crazy to work an extra day of the week but it really isn't a problem at all.
  6. silverbells_star

    Electronic charting vs. Hourly Rounding vs. Bedside Charting

    We have computers in all the rooms, but I don't like to do bedside charting because I feel like I'm only looking at the computer and am ignoring the patient. I rarely stay past my shift, so for me it's not a time issue to do it in the room or an hour later at the nurses station. But there are some nurses on my floor that just sit at the nurses station and gossip so for them I could see that it would save time to chart in the room, they are constantly staying late because they just "can't seem to find the time" to get everything done.
  7. silverbells_star

    No long distance for patients?

    Our patients can't call long distance either but depending on the situation we might let them use our portable phones that we carry. But really it hardly ever comes up, most people bring their cell phones.
  8. silverbells_star

    How do you make new hires feel welcome on your unit?

    I just finished orientation and it meant a lot to me when, while expressing my worry about being on my own, one of the other nurses said to me, "honey, you're never alone, we're all here to help." that really made my day and helped. I agree with everyone else, no gifts are needed, just be nice, talk to us, don't exclude us in conversations and I think it's important for the manager to check in with you. In my 10 weeks of orientation, the manager never once met with me, never reviewed how I was doing and I found out when my first shift on my own was from the schedule, not from her talking with me. That was very disappointing.
  9. silverbells_star

    2nd degree nurses

    I went back to become a nurse because I always wanted to be one. My family pushed me towards management for many reasons and I enjoyed running social service programs for 12 years, but I still wanted to be a nurse. It was also getting to the point I was bored with sitting in an office, bored with paperwork, with doing the same thing every day. I'm still a baby nurse, but love love love my career change, even though I have a ton of school loans, and come home from work exhausted, I LOVE it
  10. silverbells_star

    Question for those already in nursing school

    Maybe a 1 day of lab. Why do you ask?
  11. silverbells_star

    Why are some nurses not grateful for my job?

    My second job is as a sitter, it amazes me the comments I get from staff. Ask for a break to run to the restroom and I get eye rolls, forget asking for a lunch break, you'd think I asked for them to stand on their head. My favorite is when they come in and say "well it must be nice to get to sit all day" Most of the time I get ignored when I come on the floor and never get thanked. Oh well, try not to get too worked up about it, they'll miss you when you get off and they have to take care of him.
  12. silverbells_star

    Do/did you enjoy Nursing School? Or hate it?

    Love nursing school, almost finished with my BSN and it has been an incredible ride. Some days are rough but overall it's been awesome. I think we need more people saying how fun and great nursing school is, less of people whining in every post and declaring it horrible. It's what you make of it! Life is never easy and things worth fighting for aren't easy. Being a nurse and being allowed into a person's life at their worst moments is an honor. Such an honor requires effort.
  13. silverbells_star

    Hardest patient as a student nurse?

    Mine was a vent patient that kept pulling out her tube and desatting. My instructor, stuck me in the room and said, I"ll be back to show you how a vent works and didn't come back for 3 hours. She had a g-tube, which I had never experienced, and of course got massive diarrhea. The nurse stopped by once and said oh thank goodness you're here, I don't have time to deal with her and left. When my instructor finally came back she kept questioning me on drugs, vents and g-tubes, etc, I was so flustered from dealing with the lady pulling out her tube every 5 minutes, I didn't know a single answer, I just kept saying, I don't know. I went home and sobbed, my one and only time crying from a clinical. It was way to hard of a patient for my experience level. I went back the next day determined to conqueror this, but our instructor pulled us from the floor to do something else, I was so disappointed.
  14. silverbells_star

    A day and life of a nursing student

    Yes!! I should have added that too, I would not have survived my 3rd year if it hadn't been for my friends in nursing school. And sleep, sleep is a must.
  15. silverbells_star

    A day and life of a nursing student

    It varies at each school, my last 3 years has been nothing like what tomigirl just said. I very rarely read any of the books, I study the notes. I get A's on most tests, but some B's too. I think it's been fun, it has been alot of work, but still fun. I wouldn't stress to much about it, every program is different and you're pretty far out.
  16. silverbells_star

    Action Plan for those planning (having) to work into 70's

    My plan is to NOT work until my 70s, got the 401K going at both jobs, ROTH IRA and hubbie and I try to live below our means. I watched my parents struggle their whole lives, my dad in his 60s still works two jobs. I plan on enjoying my retirement and am taking steps now to help that happen. Of course "God willin' and the creek don't rise"