I don't want to gag

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    I'm a nursing student thats about to start my 2nd sem of ADN. During my first clinical rotation I was giving a bed bath and my patient had a BM and I didn't have a problem cleaning him up but I couldn't help but gag...I really felt bad and now I'm going into the 2nd semester and I would hate to do that in front of a patient again. Do any of you guys/gals how any tips or know anything I could do to help control this.

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    breathe through your mouth, wear a mask
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    Chew minty gum or suck on a peppermint while you give a bath. It distracts the nose a bit. Plus, you can exhale through your mouth, which might dissipate the smell.

    When we're getting ready to do a nasty butt case, i always pop a couple of Altoids or cough drops prior to scrubbing.
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    Wear a mask. To avoid offending the patient, tell them you're wearing a mask because you have a cold and don't want to spread it around.

    Sometimes the poopy stench penetrates the mask, so place a fragrant tea bag inside the mask to block out all unpleasant odors.
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    I remember hearing on TV somewhere (CSI maybe?) that a good smile stops the gag reflex.....maybe true, maybe not.....worth a try though!
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    Rub some Vicks Vaporub (or anything else that might be available) under your nose, on your upper lip before going into the room. And the masks help too!
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    Vics vapor rub, only takes a little and it works!

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    Rubbing a little Vicks under your nose works great. It really does block out the smell. After a while you'll probably just get used to it.
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    Halls cough drops, not the new fruity type but the old horrible tasting ones do the trick.
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    I try to breathe through my mouth - although you still get a whiff. I'm a big gagger myself. I think a lot of it is psychological - you can psych yourself out by thinking about it too much. Try to think of something else.

    Smells used to be a big problem for me too, and it was honestly the hardest thing I had to overcome. Now that I'm an RN, I still gag, but I don't fixate and worry about it anymore. The poopy situation comes up, I try to deal with it, I might gag, and then I move on to my next task. When you start working, you'll be so busy you won't have time to ruminate about it.

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