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My grandmother in law is a resident at a local nursing home. My husband took my kids to see her today (I was at home with the baby). The nurse there took the cotton packing out of the top of a bottle... Read More

  1. by   BlueDevil,DNP
    What? Is this a joke?
  2. by   AngelfireRN
    Probably not...anyone got a lug wrench? Methinks someone or something needs to be loosened up a teense.

    I'm a little dense when it comes to forums. I didn't realize that your "Attorney" comment was sarcasm until I saw your second post. lol. I was like "Is this guy/lady out of their mind!!!?" LOL.

    Op, I understand that sometimes we can get a bit overprotective when it comes to our children. But, let's think for a minute. Why would a Nurse intentionally endanger your child? Even with the moral issue aside, why would s/he jeopardize her job like that? Please don't go to the BON over this. She was likely just being friendly to your child. Is there something that you maybe left out of your post? I'm wondering what those "Other things" were that the nurse did that you were uncomfortable with... It IS possible that one of those other things may have been inappropriate, I dont know, but the incident described in your post (unless some info was left out that may change this) seems harmless.

    Again Ma'am, PLEASE don't pursue this with the BON.
  4. by   08RNGrad
    Dear OP,

    TAKE A CHILL PILL. Seriously.
  5. by   joanna73
    Your reaction is way overboard OP, and certainly not worth trying to ruin someone's career. At the most, maybe what the nurse did could be considered inappropriate, but she was probably trying to lighten the situation. And it's doubtful there would be any trace of residue left on the cotton ball that would be harmful to anyone. There are more germs and particles in the air that you should be concerned about, not a piece of cotton.
  6. by   MN-Nurse
    Quote from nurse_tiff
    To answer your question..no you aren't crazy...
    I respectfully disagree.
  7. by   Anna Flaxis
    I think whether she is crazy or not is irrelevant. Maybe she is, maybe she isn't, but she is definitely overreacting!
  8. by   Faby
    Really? report the nurse to the BON? Really? I think this is truly over reaction, not to mention that the husband that was present didn't complain. And the wife/mom wants to report fact she didn't actually see because she wasn't there. Really? Unbelievable!
  9. by   proudauntie415
    Quote from sali22
    So you call the BON.
    "hello, I would like to report a nurse, she assualted my son with a cotton ball!"
    "assualted? how so?"
    "well... it was more or less a tickle."
    Then there would be a long period of silence follwed by uncontrollable laughter.
    I was laughing so hard out loud, literally. I was picturing this phone call.
  10. by   FlorenceNtheMachine
    I don't understand why a complaint would even be warranted at all in this case, with the details given.

    The nurse did not use the cotton batting on a private or personal area on the child. The cotton being contaminated with dangerous substances is just ignorant. The nurse's bare hands probably harbored more dangerous things. I just don't get it!

    Parents like this make me nervous. When I'm playing with my kids on the playground, I also interact with other kids if they initiate talk with me. I always get that oh no feeling when, God forbid, strange kids hug me. Not because I'm weirded out by contact, but of the fear of their parents hopping off their helicopter and arresting me!
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  11. by   kkostelnikPN
    This is too funny. Is this post a joke?? it must be. The best part is that the person who posted this is shellybsn........ Do u seriously have your bsn?? Either u are the dumbest nurse I've come into contact with or you aren't really a nurse.
  12. by   MBrickle
    Oh man, you're one of those moms.....

    Dude, I would be more concerned about giving Grammy whatever nasty germs were on your kids face!
  13. by   Orange Tree
    This is the second post in a row tonight that sounds totally made up. Funny.