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I definitely don't feel like the same person I was, years ago, before I started going to nursing school and working in healthcare. How has nursing changed you?... Read More

  1. by   vanilla bean
    Quote from Mini2544
    People like that are vile and sad. I wouldn't even respond. I loved your story. Thank you for sharing. Honestly, there are quite a few users on this site that embarrass me to think they share the same profession as me, but others, like yourself, make me feel proud. Keep it up ������
    Since EGspirit was responding to me, I will respond to you. I am not vile, nor am I sad. I can only presume that attacking me personally makes you somehow feel better. I'm sorry you got so angry by my opinion that you felt the need to malign my character. As a reminder, I'm a complete stranger to you and have never done or said anything to you (or EGspirit for that matter) that could be construed as a personal attack warranting your name calling.

    Btw, I *completely* agree with your point in your next post that some people on this site like to act like rude teenagers
  2. by   osceteacher
    Quote from vanilla bean
    Btw, I *completely* agree with your point in your next post that some people on this site like to act like rude teenagers
    Thats what we call irony, I doubt Mini2544 even grasps the concept.

    Also the irony that these guys are the most judgemental is probably not lost on those of us who can grasp irony.
  3. by   IrishCMSRN
    Yes, I now have an intense dislike for people with a string of initials after their name........
  4. by   IrishCMSRN
    ...oh and the whole "lifesaver" attitude.....kills me. You hang IV bags all day and you think that is saving a life.
    Unless you are cracking ribs with a good outcome, you aint lifesaving!
    ...and the string of hate responses begins, now....
  5. by   macawake
    Quote from thoughtful21
    I was kind of disappointed that my post got hijacked by the argument. But it's actually strangely relevant, isn't it? Everyone's thoughts are welcome. I've been staying out of it by only liking posts that answer the original question. If anyone has more comments about how nursing has changed them, I'd love to hear it! I've been keeping up with this post and reading every comment.
    I'm sorry, OP. This thread has definitely turned a bit strange Sometimes threads just take on a life of their own. For what it's worth, I think you started a thread on an interesting topic!

    Now, unfortunately, I feel compelled to continue on the "God whispering" tangent.

    Quote from Mini2544
    People like that are vile and sad.
    You actually called a specific poster in this thread; vile. What are you demonstrating? Agape in action? You called a person vile for simply expressing how it would make them feel if a nurse said certain things to them when they were in an extremely vulnerable situation. Since the response you quoted was a direct reply to a specific person, you are not calling people in general vile, you singled out a specific poster. Did you not realize that was what you were doing?

    How much do you reflect on the posts you read? I ask because when I read that something a nurse says, could cause a patient profound emotional distress, that gives me pause. It's a reminder that different patients may react to words differently depending on many patient-specific factors. I don't claim to be perfect, but I do try to meet my patient where he or she "is at". I let nursing and medical "best practice" guide me, and always aim to keep ethical considerations in the forefront. I do not let my personal beliefs dictate the care I provide.

    Let me ask you this in another way. If a person explains that something a nurse could say to her dying patient would make that person's final moments very distressing, wouldn't you want to not say those things?

    Quote from Mini2544
    Because people like to act like rude teenagers on this site.
    This begs the question how you rate your own contributions in this thread?

    Wouldn't it be more productive to actually explain specifically what it was a poster said that you object to? That way you and whomever it concerns could have a dialogue and perhaps reach some sort of understanding? Or, not. But you'd at least explore if there was any common ground to be found. Even if you don't end up agreeing, perhaps both parties could increase their understanding of the other person's standpoint.

    Calling vanilla bean vile was extremely rude and wholly uncalled for. In my opinion you owe him/her an apology.
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  6. by   thoughtful21
    Quote from IrishCMSRN
    Yes, I now have an intense dislike for people with a string of initials after their name........
    So, IrishCMSRN, is this self hate...? 'Cuz you have five initials after your name... Just kidding!! Your post made me laugh.
  7. by   Davey Do
    Quote from IrishCMSRN
    I now have an intense dislike for people with a string of initials after their name........
    I know, IrishCMSRN! And they should be disliked!

    People with a string of initials after their name are immoral, unethical, do illegal things, and are definitely not fun on a date.

    *shudder* Blasted people with a string of initials really singe my shorts!
  8. by   Davey Do
    Quote from IrishCMSRN
    ...oh and the whole "lifesaver" attitude.....kills me.
    Yeah! Don't get me started on Life Savers!

    They bring back terrible childhood memories!

  9. by   thoughtful21
    Quote from Davey Do
    *shudder* Blasted people with a string of initials really singe my shorts!
    [rolling around laughing] Oh man... Thanks! I'm in the throes of Semester 4 BSN homework, with way too many serious ideas bouncing around in my head, and really needed a laugh!
  10. by   Joyful68
    It has made me into a tough old broad.
  11. by   Irish_Mist
    It's made me cynical, tired, jaded, and afraid to get old. I sure as heck don't want to be covered in pressure ulcers, have a peg tube with osmolyte, and constantly be re-admitted for aspiration pneumonia or sepsis secondary to a uti.
  12. by   dst4ever91
    Becoming a nurse has changed me in a lot of ways. I had no idea how sick, as human beings, that we can become. Working in the ICU opened my eyes to a lot of things that nurses have to do. In the ICU we serve in multiple roles. We are the nurse, the nurse assistant, transportation, lab, and sometimes the secretary as well. I have enjoyed taking care of patients and then one day, I decided to try something else in nursing.

    I became a nurse educator. I really enjoy it. the pay cut is hard to deal with sometimes but overall my life is so much better. I still have to deal with stress. However, no ones life is in danger of being lost. I would have never imagined not being at the bedside but I'm loving the education side. However, I do plan on working at the bedside PRN. Nursing has made me a better person and a stronger person. It opened a world to me that I never knew existed. Just bringing a smile to someone's face because you did something for them that they could not do is very rewarding. Teaching patients to take better care of themselves when they will accept that information is also extremely rewarding.
  13. by   missmollie
    As a nurse, I've watched those with upbeat attitudes become so defeated they look like a stiff wind would blow them over, and they wish it to end.

    I've watched others expect nothing and watch their loved one get better.
    I've seen the scream of a mother who loses her child. It's the scariest sound in the world.
    I've watched denial work in an absolute art form, slicing across reality to some fantasy world that will never exist.
    I've seen people improve
    I've watched people decline, and denial from the surgeon keeps them from living

    I see humanity; in all the glory, pain, victories, unexpected loss, unrecoverable loss, and the wasting.

    If you have no idea how nursing changes someone, you're not a nurse. I hope you never understand, but if your shoulders can carry that weight, then you will understand it someday.