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  1. IrishCMSRN

    Reported to NPDB

    Persephone that made me laugh. Thanks!
  2. IrishCMSRN

    Reported to NPDB

    Hi Chad, Thanks for the response. My suspension is for 3 years and I don't have any desire to go back to nursing. I was a really good nurse and I loved my job. I just got sucked into a dark cloud and addiction followed. I really don't have any resentment for other nurses getting second chances, I actually got 3 chances then just couldn't afford to stay in the program so I had to quit. I'm just wondering what impact this listing will have on my future endeavors. I've heard scary things like "you will never get hired again by any company that receives any kind of state or federal funding"? I'm like WOW!?
  3. IrishCMSRN

    Reported to NPDB

    Hi, I was in PNAP/VRP for almost 5 years and after relapsing, receiving extension to my contract etc. I just could no longer afford to stay in the program despite remaining clean and sober (to this day). I sat in my car one day when I had been picked to random test and I had $20 and no gas money. Do I get gas, or do I get a test that I can't get to? (Rural area, no buses) It was that day I knew I couldn't do it any more. So I voluntarily agreed to suspension, no fight, no contest, what could I do? The BON has no sympathy for financial hardship apparently. Anyway, I received a nice friendly letter from the NPDB, National Provider Database with a lovely report of how I violated terms and conditions and and that I am "not fit to practice nursing due to alcohol or other substance abuse". So my attorney told me that he could dispute it with the board and I never heard from him for months. I spoke to him the other day and he denies ever telling me such a thing and that he can't do anything further for me (besides spend my big fat retainer that he got and really did nothing for). In reviewing other suspended nurses orders on the BON website I don't see many other nurses that are reported to the NPDB, even though they have violated terms and been ultimately suspended. I personally know 2 nurses who while in the program relapsed, committed crimes and got suspended and they did not get reported to the NPDB...! I'm wondering what makes me so different? I was not in DMU and entered the program voluntarily. I quit due to financial hardship and I'm trying to change careers. However, people are telling me that this will show up on any background checks forever. Can anyone help a girl out here? Any explanation would be helpful.