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Straight outta night shift!

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  1. Travel nursing can be especially draining in some ways. You aren't always fully considered a team member, and sometimes you get dumped on. You are also having to constantly learn new things instead of feeling comfortably experienced. Perhaps you coul...
  2. thoughtful21

    Humble Nurses Do This

    Sometimes people with humility tend to get steamrolled by the more confident people though, don't they? Aren't they looked down on and made to look worse than others, because they are asking questions, admitting mistakes, accepting criticism, and lis...
  3. thoughtful21

    Is it like this everywhere now?

    I know! As I struggle to find my footing in nursing, with about a year of experience, I realize that I am starting to think more in terms of "making my charting look good" than actually taking good, critically-thought-out care of the patient. I can t...
  4. thoughtful21

    How do you handle touchy/feely coworkers?

    I also don't like to be touched like this. There are some situations where it's ok, but I'm not generally comfortable with it. I make it clear with my body language, and people usually "get" it. I'm an active, expressive person who frequently "talks ...
  5. thoughtful21

    Nurses Week Gift Jackpot!

    We have to DONATE money and work in teams to create themed baskets that 5 "lucky" people will be randomly selected to win. Just what we some of our paycheck back to the company, extra company-related projects to do in our time off, an...
  6. thoughtful21

    How much have you changed?

    I'm stuck in the middle of change right now. I have about 1 year of nursing experience. Sometimes I feel like I'm halfway in between who I was and who I'm going to be... I do worry less about making people happy these days...but I'm still very much g...
  7. thoughtful21

    Sen. Maureen Walsh Response to Backlash

    Open mouth. Insert foot. Remove. Repeat PRN/as often as desired. ?
  8. thoughtful21

    Survey for NRP trained nurses

    I enjoyed the sim. It was a nice review. Thanks! Feedback: Some of the pictures in the sim could be improved to ensure the best teaching for the students. For instance, you wouldn't take an oral temp on the baby, like the picture shows.
  9. thoughtful21

    I accidently took home a zofran in my pocket.

    They will no longer allow us to discard meds in the sharps container. The regulations for our facility changed. But yes, we used to do that, and it was very quick and easy!
  10. thoughtful21

    I accidently took home a zofran in my pocket.

    Just an extra perspective... I have trouble NOT carrying meds in my pocket. We are required to discard all partially used vials and pill halves in the black box in the med room. They don't have these boxes in patient rooms, because it wouldn't be saf...
  11. thoughtful21

    I have made a complaint against an NP

    Ok, I was getting confused there! ? I was like, you do what...? ?
  12. thoughtful21

    No notifications for reputation anymore

    Yes, mine is all better now! ? Thanks!
  13. thoughtful21

    "Poor Thing!"

    Very true. My posts are observational musings as related to nursing. ? I enjoy your musings too, Emergent. They make me think. Here's my .02: Not trying to get worked up, just donating my $0.02 to the cause. ? Hey, maybe she's just a new nurse tryin...
  14. thoughtful21

    Career Crossroads

    Congrats on your new baby, beeker! That's wonderful! It seems like this decision has been taken out of your hands. Sometimes this is 'karma's' way of pointing us in the right direction. A choice that pays your bills and keeps your career safe is also...
  15. thoughtful21

    Commuting to clinicals from 1 hr away??

    Yeah, it can be tough to have a long commute! It's hard to lose that much-needed sleep and study time. There are some great suggestions above. I only had to spend money on a motel once, luckily. I had an amazing friend that let me spend the night wit...