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The question is pretty much self-explanatory. I'm getting my BSN in a faith-based, private university with their own hospital. I've observed that there's such a huge difference between nurses who incorporate their faith into... Read More

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    Quote from shananigansWI
    You don't need faith to believe in science. Unlike faith in supernatural beings or powers, we have evidence that it works.
    Oh, please, just stop. "Us. vs. them" is ugly, and so is this. The OP asked a question. Answer it or move on. Do you ever have to ignore things that rub you the wrong way? I do, all the time. Do you imagine someone who has faith in God is going to be suddenly enlightened d/t your statement? Surely not.

    The only offensive thing in this thread, to me, is how freaking touchy people become over wording. The OP's question wasn't a speech that was pored over by speechwriters for hours; it seems to be an honest inquiry by someone looking for advice, not a cyber-beating over semantics.

    People need to seriously lighten up.
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    Most of what I read is the , "Uh, i see no difference." or something in like manner.
    Be patient, seek to understand the OP before your spill your thoughts. Most just type out a qucik response without taking time to understand the OP's position.

    We have two ears and one mouth, to listen more than we talk.

    OP, please state what differences you see-we seek to understand more.
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    Well, I just do unto others as I would want others to do to me. And there is a scripture that speaks of always making sure that you take care of your fellow man in need, because as you help them, you are also helping Christ (I can't remember the exact verses or wording). I always try to treat my patients with this mindset. I have been asked to pray with a few patients, which I do not mind doing, if asked. I'm sorry OP that you are being somewhat chewed out over your question...I'm sure your heart is totally in the right place when you asked it.
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    Still don't fully understand the OP's question. I'd like her to fully explain what she sees as the difference(s). Then we can attempt some civil discourse. Tough subject as emotions run high very quickly.
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    Everyone has their own thoughts and emotions concerning faith, spirituality, etc., and they are very personal. It blows my mind that some people want to debate religion on an internet you really think you are going to change anyone's mind? Why not just answer the question and if you don't have anything to say, move on?

    I'm an Elementary School Nurse, and every morning we say the Pledge of Allegiance, the Texas Pledge, a Student Pledge, and then we have a moment of silence. I use that moment to quiet my mind from what is usually a hectic time (mornings are crazy around here), and I ask God to guide my hands, my mind, and my words throughout the day. I also thank Him for the many many blessings in my life, including my great job!
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    I incorporate my faith in patient care depending on the patient's needs at any given time. I have had opportunities to share the gospel, and lead one person to the Lord just hours before their death, and others have been in more subtle ways...such as giving thanks to God for having "sunshine today amidst all the rain". I feel we, as care providers, must be extremely sensitive to the faith-based needs of the clients/families with which we interact. I am very careful to not impose my belief's on those who do not want hear/talk about faith or religion during my time with them. One can discern if a client is interested by watching the eyes and facial/body language that is projected by little questions that are asked in regard to their spirituality.
    I have also found that during the admission assessment asking the faith based questions directly to the client will give a nurse great insight into that person's spiritual beliefs and practices.
    Hope this helps in answering your question!
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    I break my faith down into a couple of easy bullet points, one of them being that I should live my life in such a way that it would make Jesus proud of me

    One of the ways I do this is through humble serving of everybody other than myself- seems to tie in great with the idea of nursing
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    I saw this thread title and grabbed the popcorn and skipped to the last page because I know it would be entertaining and some people would have their panites in a wad for sure!

    Seriously though I just try to be kind, accepting of peoples differences, non-judgemental, and "do unto others" as I would want done to me.

    Sometimes I even succeed...................
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    Quote from orangepink
    The question is pretty much self-explanatory. I'm getting my BSN in a faith-based, private university with their own hospital. I've observed that there's such a huge difference between nurses who incorporate their faith into their nursing job compared to others who do not. So in what ways, do you incorporate your faith into your work?
    Who cares? this isn't church. Do you think CPA's or any other proffesion would be concerned on how they "incorporate their faith" in their daily job?

    Just because you work somewhere named "Saint Whatever" doesn't mean you are one. Take the preaching somewhere else.
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