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I'm fine with the hourly rounding thing. Actually think it is a good idea and honestly has saved me from annoyance a few times from pts that had said I hadn't been in the room. All my manager had to do was look at the rounding... Read More

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    I think if all the money that hospitals spent on paying Press Gainey and the other customer service groups, and the money the hospitals spent on the suits to make sure staff is doing this crap, well if they put that money into nursing staff, and just let the nurses be nurses, the complaints would go down all around.
    Have to give it to Press Gainey and Studer, they created a fake "need" and are there to fill that need. Imagine, if my hospital didn't pay good money to send out PG surveys, then they wouldn't have to pay good money to people in the meetings reading the survey results, and they wouldn't have to pay good money on people to teach us how to get better scores on them. Not to mention, PG has made a survey that's impossible to maintain good scores on. It's an amazing scam they have going, (as does Joint Commission.) I'm very impressed, somebody learned a lot in business school! (Too bad they didn't spend some time in nursing school too.)
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    I have to admit, working nights as I do, that I tell my patients at the beginning of the shift "I'm supposed to wake you up every hour to ensure that your needs are being met, but I suspect that you'd rather I just make sure you're sleeping okay. Is it alright if I just tiptoe in here to check on you and let keep on sleeping, unless it's time for me to assess you or give you meds?" I usually get a "you're supposed to wake me up HOW OFTEN?" response. I just smile and tell them it's a management initiative to improve patient satisfaction, but I think they'd be more satisfied if I let them sleep as much as I'm able to, since I have to wake them up often enough as is. I have had lots of patients say that they would tell management how ridiculous the idea of waking them every hour is when they round. I think in part thanks to my "campaigning", we no longer are required to wake patients hourly.
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    You must work at the same place I do. I'm sick of it too. This is all stuff we have been doing for years and not getting recognized for. Now the hospital wants to turn it into a circus and a pr prank. I think it's bad for business. But, I value my job and am executing the same line of bs that I have been assigned to regurgitate. But I feel like it's not valued as much as before. Seems insincere for sure.
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    I think the surveys hospitals send out are a bunch of baloney. Most don't send them for a few weeks and it has been proven that most people only respond if they have had a negative experience. You rarely hear from folks that were satisfied with their care. Most people, myself included, don't take the time to even complete these surveys.
    At any rate, I think if they asked people on discharge what their experience was, they would get more positivie replies.
    I would be clawing to get out of the hospital if everyone who came in repeated the same scripted speech. Just give good, compassionate, kind care. Management needs to spend time on the floor watching how things are really done. I honestly believe most patients have good experiences and most nurses provide excellent, compassionate care. Paying companies tens of thousands of dollars to institute such ridiculous practices is a crime and believing that made up spiels are going to increase satisfaction is laughable.
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    Quote from DebRN06
    What really is bugging me is how far the hospital has taken this. Every nurse in the hospital has been tested, with actual pts and management watching us. We have a script we have to follow and and have to hit every point... such as when introducing ourselves we have to "build ourselves up" ..."I have been a nurse for __ yrs, I am a certified tele nurse", etc and build up our co-workers or other departments... "Jane is your PCT today...she is excellent!" We also have to ask EVERY time if they need to use the washroom. No exceptions. Even if the pt is independent. The list goes on.
    OK I see a new movie "Stepford Nurses"...Who in Hollywood would be in the starring roles?
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    Quote from Zoopnever
    The patients are the ones sending their complaints to management, about the nurse never coming in the door.

    I personally don't think most management is that far removed --although a lot are!

    What area do you work in, and in what capacity?
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    While watching the training video with another new grad, I turned to her and said, "Good morning, my name is _____ and I'm going to be your nurse today. I've been a nurse for about...uh...30 seconds."

    I think the idea of hourly rounding is great - such a great one, that most nurses already have been doing it for ever. But, sorry, this is a public hospital and not the Hilton. I'll do my best, but you're not getting a choreographed song and dance from me.
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    I feel your pain!!! We too just started using those stupid hourly rounding sheets---- I work in the ICU and I pretty much do not leave my patient's room! I document a FULL head to toe assessment every hour(and depending on the pt- maybe more frequently) Yet still, I am required to initial the form hanging on the wall just to prove I was there! Just like the bathroom cleaning schedule at the local burger chain!!!!
    Even the parents think this is completely stupid-- like when have they ever been thinking "gee, I haven't seen my kids nurse for 5 hours"???
    The day I'm handed the script will be the day I hang it up for good!!! This BS is getting out of control!!
    Management does not seem to care if I haven't peed or eaten in 12 hours or that I am required to work overtime, but gosh darnit, I had better fill out the hourly rounding form!!

    Perhaps, like others have said, It will take patients complaining about being disturbed every hour and read a script to stop this nonsense!!
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    It's absurd. Waking sleeping patients for no reason, scripted answers...we aren't robots and our patients deserve to be treated as individuals. Thankfully my employer doesn't have any of this crap. It's insulting to all involved. Nurses are smart enough to address the situation appropriately.

    I'm not going in as happy bouncy nurse when my 25 year old patient just lost his leg. I will be calm, comforting, and sweet but in a quiet and understated way to acknowledge their loss in a real and human way. The script just isn't appropriate here and that holds true for a lot of situations in a hospital.

    I always see my patients every hour and if I am having an emergency with a patient I will ask the CNA or another nurse to pop in to be sure they are okay. We all do this for one another as needed.

    I have been getting these scripted speeches when I call cable, etc. and despise it. I even demand they stop in a really nice and polite way to give them a break and hopefully a little ammo to let their employer know a customer complained. I especially like to do it when on a taped line so management can hear it.
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    I work in the ICU. If this ever came between me and my patient care, I think I would pull my hair out.....then again, this is probably how it could go;
    "Hi my name is Anne, I'll be your RN tonight." "What's that?" "Oh silly me....of course you can't talk with that ETT down your throat."

    "I guess I won't bother asking you if you need to potty since you've got a foley catheter. Is there anything else that I can do for you? I have the time, even though my patient is crashing next door."

    "Gee...Maybe I should turn down that Propofol infusion, I can't seem to get this form filled out correctly.........."
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