Help! Pre-employment nicotine test!

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    So,I have a question regarding pre-employment URINE nicotene test/cotinine test. I have been free and clear of cigarettes for 3 days and have to test in 5 days. I have been drinking approx a gallon of water daily and totally stayed free and clear of any type of second hand smoke. I bought an online urine cotinine test where I tested negative. However, the level I test could only tell me that my urine concentration was below 200 ng/ml. After doing some research online, I feel like the standard for a negative test result is less than that off 200 ng/ml. Does anyone know the standard they test in urine. Also, do you think if my levels are already below 200, that I'd be able to pass the test in 5 days? Please no cruel posts or judgements...I just want facts!

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    I have no idea about urine, but I applied for life insurance and was told by the agency that they would test my saliva for nicotine, and that it would show if I smoked any during the last 6 months. Don't know if that was really true or if they just told me that! Does anyone else know about the saliva test? (Since we're on the subject.....)
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    According to Prime Health

    In order to find out the traces of nicotine in your body as well as to know how long does nicotine stay in urine, one needs to undergo a urinal drug test or urinalysis which is based on the immunoassay technology which detects the samples of such addictive products in urine. For those who smoke occasionally, nicotine persists in the body for only 3-4 days only. But for those who are passive smokers the traces of nicotine can be found for as long as 15-20 days...
    Blood Test for Nicotine

    The answer to the question as to how long does nicotine stay in your blood rests on the fact that it gets transformed into a metabolite called cotinine which mixes in the blood and affects the body. The liver slowly detoxifies the body by removing the toxins from the blood whereas the kidney flushes out the waste products out of the body in the form of urine and stool which takes place at a much faster pace. The blood tests can detect even the slightest traces of nicotine in the bloodstream...

    So it depends on how much you were smoking beforehand. If you smoked regularly, it's possible that the test will still show positive for nicotine.
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    Well, I have read how people in similar situations passed within 72 hrs who were ppd smokers with a gallon of water daily of course. I guess my main question is what is the actual cut off level for a negative result with a URINE SCREEN?? Anyone know...I've been looking online and can't find anything concrete.
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    This just does not seem right ?As much as I hate it Nicotine is legal so why have it on a drug test?
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    Seriously, Am I the only one who feels this is an unfair test? As long as you follow the smoking rules at your facility, while working, what does it matter?
    What is next you cholesterol Level? This makes me sick!!
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    The cost of insurance premiums for the employer.....always the bottom line.

    Be careful to not drink too much water too quickly- and bottom out your sodium
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    Quote from Trekfan
    This just does not seem right ?As much as I hate it Nicotine is legal so why have it on a drug test?

    My guess is that this employer does not hire smokers.
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    Many companies have gone to policies of hiring only non-smokers. This is legal. It doesn't seem fair to be judged for what you do in your personal life, but the result of hiring smokers is higher insurance costs for companies who do so.

    And yes, I would not be at all surprised to see that the same rules may start to apply to the obese as they cost more in insurance dollars as well.
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    I know its very frustrating. The region in where I live, not the entire state, requires applications to be contingent upon passing a nicotene/cotinine (an active metabolite of nicotene) test. I have the job and I really don't want this test to get in the way of me losing it! I've been totally stressed and irritable without my cigs!!! lol

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