Are headaches a contrainidcation for 12 hour shifts?

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    Lol but seriously, every time I work 12 hours I get a terrible headache. I was wondering if there is any way for me to be excused from them by getting a doctors note. I stay hydrated, eat well, but still get one and don't know why
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    I highly doubt it.
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    I used to get headaches from night shift and then I realized the caffeine I was drinking to stay awake actually was giving me headaches. Once I cut all caffeine out of my diet and just drank water on night shift I was fine.
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    Not gonna happen
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    Get your eyes checked. You may need glasses or a change I prescription. If you are on the computer a lot during your shift, you might be straining your eyes.
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    An excuse to get out of work? Unless you are diagnosed with migraines and you have X amount of them per month and require medication, you can't even get an FMLA for them. You need to see a doc if they are that bad.
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    I get upwards of 5+ migraines a week (improved from 10+) and I get no accommodations from my work
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    Seriously? How long have you been working the 12s? Maybe you need to adjust more. Are you staying hydrated?
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    Do you clench your teeth or chew gum all day/night? I grind my teeth when asleep and clench them when I'm awake. Hurts. Good luck
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    Have you tried just asking if you can switch to 5 8 hour shifts? 12 hour shifts aren't mandatory everywhere.
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