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  1. Drug Testing

    Ok thanks makes sense.
  2. So...What Kind of Nursing Task Do You LIKE?

    I like giving prn haldol Ativan and Benadryl :)
  3. Drug Testing

    So can you take prescription meds such as opiates and benzos and still work as nurse???
  4. Drug Testing

    Tested once because the hospital where I was doing clinical required it
  5. Nurses, how do you view your job?

    Your right, nursing is not just a job, it's a sucky job. Poor staffing with more work added everyday. The only thing nursing offers is a steady paycheck.
  6. Pay for RN working in group homes?

    Good to hear ! Thanks for your help. Good luck with the job
  7. Best way to break into case management??

    I am an RN with my BSN and am looking for advice on how to break into case management as my ultimate goal is to work from home. I currently have 6 mos experience in pediatric office and a year of psych experience. I am now considering taking a positi...
  8. Pay for RN working in group homes?

    I interviewed with DDNCS. Are there any opportunity for raises?? Also would love to hear how you like the job :)
  9. Pay for RN working in group homes?

    What's your pay and where are you located? I was offered 27 per hour in CT
  10. Connecticut RN Salaries in 2015

  11. Psych nurse to school nurse??

    Hello! Wondering if anyone has made this transition and how it went. What kind of training if any did you receive? Did you feel confident working?? I am currently a psych nurse with 15 months of experience in psych and 5 months of pedi office experie...
  12. Connecticut RN Salaries in 2015

    1 year exp and evening shift.
  13. Connecticut RN Salaries in 2015

    33.00 st vincents
  14. Offered a Job but waiting on the second job

    I would accept the first job and just try to postpone the orientation stuff . If u do get an offer from the medical surgical floor u can accept that and back out of the other job. Not really ideal but you have to look out for yourself and secure your...
  15. Any chance of getting hired as utilization or chart review rn??

    Thanks for the suggestions! Another question, so chart review is only until May right? What do people usually do for the rest of the year?