have you seen septic shock develop this QUICKLY? - page 2

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Had a Pt today who had a colectomy due to intestinal volvulus, was in surgery/PACU from about 1115, 1130, to about 3, 330 pm. Got back to my floor at 3:30, BP about 106/50, pulse 115, after he'd been SBP's 115-120, pulse 80's,... Read More

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    Great advice, I concur... Just kidding. Really famiiarize yourself with sepsis as it can happen VERY fast.......great pick up and "gut feeling" on your part. Well done.
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    SIRS can develop quite rapidly in some circumstances.

    Admittedly my patients are hemo/onc and generally immunocompromised, but have seen where merely flushing a central line/access has sent a pt into decompensation within 15-30 minutes - the line was evidently infected.

    Anything that can cause sudden severe cytokine release can cause rapid decompensation.
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