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  1. sterile technique question for implanted port accessing

    Lovely! ty. Yeah, looking back at this question 7 months after writing it, it seems logical to me that I can touch with sterile glove.
  2. sterile technique q for foley insertion

    I was about to laugh...but then I thought, Its So TRUE. Not funny....but TRUEEEEE. I want a headlamp!
  3. sterile technique q for foley insertion

    ? Thank you
  4. how long does it take to "get" OASIS?

    Oh, gosh. Hmm. Makes me think of one RN case manager that I knew, who very earnestly told me that she "has to" rate her patients as dependent in ALL fields (not just the fields they actually are dependent in). The reason? "We [the HHA] have to show i...
  5. sterile technique q for foley insertion

    Wonderful. Succinct, Ms. Banana. Sounds good. Wow, someone who uses the word log!
  6. how long does it take to "get" OASIS?

    Thank you all. Yeah, I guess I lucked out with the job I just got (Accent Care).. They've got a great training program, with an actual Oasis class, and preceptorship for RN case managers doing Oasis cases.
  7. can I negotiate salary in my first HH staff nurse job?

    Thank you! :P
  8. how long does it take to "get" OASIS?

    Thank you, HomeHealthHolly. ?
  9. how long does it take to "get" OASIS?

    I'm applying now for a position (either travel, or regular - have to see how things work out) in home health, as RN. I've got 9 months experience in home health (but no OASIS training) in my most recent travel nurse contract. Question: how long...
  10. Hi, there. Me: nurse for almost 12 years (medical-surgical, telemetry, and travel); most recently, did 9 months in home health travel nursing. That was my first home health experience - I was lucky to get a travel nurse job in it! However, I di...
  11. 3yo patient won’t let me cath her *SOS*

    Wow. That sucks, for everyone. I'm glad that you're concerned for the little one. All I got is: 1) Ask your boss 2) Suprapubic??? 3) Maybe a stupid suggestion, but can you involve her in it? Like, let her play with a cathet...
  12. sterile technique q for foley insertion

    Hi, there. The meat of my question is: after skin has been disinfected and air-dried, is it considered sterile? I admit, I struggle with Foley catheter insertion in women - particularly obese / CVA / poorly able to open their legs and position t...
  13. Hi, there. I've been a nurse for a minute now, but I've only done one portacath access, and I live in dread of having to do one again. So I've got maybe a stupid question for sterile technique, accessing implanted ports: Once I've disinfected sk...
  14. So I start my first home health job (travel nurse) next week...

    In answer to your question ("Do you recommended online OASIS training"): yessss, kind of.... (Short horror story here: yes, I paid $500 for rctc OASIS training, which was definitely good because I wasn't going in with "stupid face" to OASIS. How...
  15. Should I buy my own OASIS training?

    Thank you, that's good to know! ?