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I'm trying to do the right thing and give my employer 2 weeks notice, but will have to stay on and work about 6 more shifts for the money, basically, as all my paid time off has run out. I fear staying for the comments i'll... Read More

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    Lots of good advice here, nursing staff is fluid, people change jobs all the time. It is an expectation, especially for new nurses to move around before they find their niche. Anyone who may be negative to you is probably stuck in their own rut and not willing to make a change.

    I do have a couple of words of advice. No matter what - DO NOT join any discussions about the negatives of the job you are leaving, Any explaination to your peers can just be you are looking forward to a new opportunity and new learning experiences. Most likely you wil lhave an exit interview with a supervisor, so if you have any constructive critism this is the place to offer it - but this is not a gripe session, either; if must be constructive. It is also a good place to mention anyone especially good on your unit. kudos never hurt.

    Best of luck in your new position.
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    Let me ask you this. If a coworker told you the he/she had gotten a new job and that he/she was leaving in two weeks, how would you react and treat that person? You shouldn't expect anything different from your co-workers to you.

    I've left several jobs in my life and I've always left on good terms. People were usually sad to see me go, but happy for my new opportunity. Shoot, a few times I even had a small party thrown for me....cake...yummmm....

    Unless your work environment is toxic, don't worry about it.

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