Happy Memorial Day Nurses!

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    Thanks to all the service men and woman, and especially the nurses who have served our country and sacrificed their lives for our freedom!

    Nurses, we hope you have a good memorial day, especially all of you who are working today!

    What are some of your Memorial Day traditions you do?

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    OH, the irony of the work "Happy" imposed on and endless rows of graves. Memorial Day is one of those bittersweet holidays that we have when people should reflect and be grateful. Saying "Happy Memorial Day" is like saying Happy Yom Kippur.
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    Esme, I don't know how to upload pictures to AN but a photo of monuments dedicated to nurses in war would be terrific. I've seen a few and they are always poignant.
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    Yeah, the addition of the word "happy" to this holiday is causing a brouhaha on FB.

    Might want to change that word.

    We had a meaningful day. Attended two ceremonies at local cemeteries with my in-laws. Father-in-law was in the Navy on a Destroyer Escort.

    Flags were placed on a the graves of servicemen and women who died during service to our country. A short speech, a prayer, and TAPS played.

    Memorial Day History

    "Remembering and honoring ... THAT is what Memorial Day is truly all about!"
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    The Nurse's Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery where many military nurses are buried.

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    Wow! Thank you TN.
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    Off today, but did doubles this weekend.

    Happy day to B and everybody here!
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    My husband, an LTC in the US Army who just returned from Afghanistan literally broke down crying

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