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Good leadership qualities

  1. 1 What are the qualities that a good leader on a nursing unit should have?
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    Expertise. I prefer someone who has really great clinical skills and experience.
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    Fairness and consistency.
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    Forget about just clinical experiences, it just don't cut it.

    Good leadership is about being recognized as a good leader.

    1. Respect: exceptionally good at getting things done.

    2. Genuine Interest: People know they count.

    3. Understanding: ohhhhhhhhhh! hell yeah!

    4. Helpfulness: Leaders offer assistance with no strings attached.

    if you don't fit into the four categories mentioned above, your definitely a crappy leader or just some power hungry beast.

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    The ability to recognize the uniqueness of individuals.

    The ability to communicate effectively.

    Someone who's do as I do, not do as I say.
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    Someone who understands the difference between being liked and being respected, and can live with the latter at the expense of the former.
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    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    What are the qualities that a good leader on a nursing unit should have?
    Ability to listen, and, as Suzette Haden Elgin quotes psychologist George A Miller:

    "In order to understand what another person is saying, you must assume that it is true, and try to imagine what it could be true of."

    This comes from

    and is part of an excerpt of her "Language in Emergency Medicine: A Verbal Self-Defense Handbook". Elgin is a Ph.D. Ozark linguist who has written a series of books on "The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense". Highly recommended.
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    someone who leads by example
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    Staff working in the NHS can attend a course aimed at developing leadership qualities. The framework includes the following themes:

    Setting direction
    Political astuteness

    Drive for results

    Collaborative working

    Effective and strategic influencing

    Delivering the service

    Empowering others

    Holding to account

    Leading change

    Seizing the future

    Intellectual ability

    Broad scanning

    You can find the website at if you want more info about leadership
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    Quote from PamUK

    Collaborative working

    Empowering others
    Muy importante!!
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    A good leader will have a good sense of humour :hatparty:

    TEAMWORK... means never having to take all the blame yourself. :chuckle

    The beatings will continue until morale improves.

    Never underestimate the power of very stupid people in large groups.

    Sorry just had to look on the funny side
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    Quote from madwife2002
    Sorry just had to look on the funny side
    No need to apologise. I agree with you 100%! A sense of humor in this business is a must!
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    INTEGRITY spells it for me.

    integrity with self
    job performance
    the way one lives his/her life

    w/o this, you have nothing if you ask me. You can't be an effective or good nurse or leader without it. And I see so many with a without it. It's about what you do when you think no one is's everything to me.