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Well, I have never felt better. I finally just said ENOUGH. I realized that I am doing the job of at least 11 people. Yes I am an RN. So WHY and HOW am I expected to be a secratery, transporter,... Read More

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    I wish you the best! I too quit my job at a LTC facility. After some time and space away from that mind-numbing environment, mental clarity has once again found me. The final verdict? I LIKE being a nurse, and short of creating my own nursing facility, I have to work for a living. Unfortunately, it just seems like almost every facility these days operates under the same dysfunctional umbrella: work for yourself or be worked to death.
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    I add my best wishes. I had loved my original job but when the NHS saw fit to close my unit I ended up at a truly awful general hospital which I shall refer to as "The Festering Pit of Despair"

    Three years at the FPOD made me come close to quitting nursing altogether. Everything about it sucked. Lazy, uncaring and demoralised staff, dirty wards, terrible management that was both incompetent and draconian and (justifiably) complaining patients and relatives.

    I was ready to don the cardboard hat and work in Hamburger Hell to get out of there when a post came up at the specialist hospital I now happily work for.

    A bad workplace makes discontented staff. A decent one....they DO exist, honestly...makes for good nursing. I think there is somewhere for everyone.

    Best of luck to you.
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    Quote from Outerisland
    good for you, maybe they will hire 2 or 3 to replace you.
    Nope! They'll just flog the remaining staff harder. The beatings will continue until morale improves
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    Quote from zofran

    When I spoke with my manager about my concerns, she basically said that I was most likely going through a rough time at home and I was "bringing it to work." She also said, "There are alot of jobs out there for nurses like you who have experience."

    What a witch Nice attitude for a person in leadership role..I wouldn't want to work for someone who dismisses my concerns so easily. (and your concerns, sound very valid!)

    I am happy that you feel free of this weight, and yes, sometimes it is important to protect your own health!! Good luck to you
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    being a nurse and beating your head against a wall have a lot in common, it feels so good when you quit
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    Good for you Zofran!! Been there, done that.. on to a new area of nursing!
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    Ay to go girl!! You have done what many wish they had the courage to do. Enjoy your new found freedom!! Here's hoping you find a great job with a dream emploer!! Good luck to you!!
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    From what I hear and see all hospitals, LTC, etc. are all cutting staff and the nurse is taking on more roles and more patients. So we are having to do more with less. I hope we have a change from that direction soon, but I'm not holding my breath. I have seen it change at my hospital over the years and shift back and forth. We got rid of the CNA's at one point all together, then we got them back. Now they are cutting back on them again. I'm just glad that I work with a great group of people that have each other's back when needed. If we didn't work well as a team, I don't think any of us would make it.
    Good luck. Glad you were able to quit. Maybe when times change, if they do,you will get back into nursing. I love what I do. I just don't think the top dogs get it.
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    Quote from SaltyNurse
    Nope! They'll just flog the remaining staff harder. The beatings will continue until morale improves
    As the remaining staff in these situations(with little experience and no options other than another career change) I can attest to this as truth. Good for you for having the ability and resources to quit your miserable job!
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    TAWANDA!!! whooo hooo... damn I wish I could do that.. it's coming.. it's coming!
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    Hilarious NocturneNrse! I was thinking the same thing, TAWANDA!! I love that movie )
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