Free Nursing Continuing Education Programs - 100+ contact hours

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    As our gift to the nursing community, allnurses has compiled a list of cutting edge FREE continuing education programs found on the web. Each course listed is free and most have been approved by American Nurses Credentialing Corp (ANCC) or ANCC affiliate.

    Free Nursing Continuing Education Programs - 100+ contact hours

    Note: Links updated 4/30/16 . Please check CE expiration dates prior to taking courses.


    Autism Case Training
    Health Literacy for Public Health Professionals

    Workplace Violence Prevention for Nurses (Web-based)
    NIOSH Training for Nurses on Shift Work and Long Work Hours: Part 1 +2


    The Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing (1 ce each)

    Volume 1, Issue 1: Strategies for Intensifying Therapy for Glycemic Control

    Volume 1, Issue 2: Intensifying Therapy for Glycemic Control- PODCAST

    Volume 1, Issue 3: CVD Risk Factors in Patients with T2D

    Volume 1, Issue 4: CVD Risk Factors in Patients With T2D- PODCAST

    Volume 1, Issue 5: Strategies and Devices for Improving Self-Monitoring

    Volume 1, Issue 6: Strategies and Devices for Improving Self-Monitoring- PODCAST

    Volume 1, Issue 7: Role of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists in the Treatment Continuum of Type 2 Diabetes

    Volume 1, Issue 8: Role of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists in the Treatment Continuum of Type 2 Diabetes-PODCAST

    Volume 1, Issue 9: Management of Overweight/Obese Patients with T2DM.

    Volume 1, Issue 10: Management of Overweight/Obese Patients with T2DM.

    National Diabetes Education Initiative

    The road to health toolkit
    Insulin Injection Technique
    Managing Diabetes in the Long-Term Care Setting: Strategies and Tools

    New: Environmental Health

    Environmental Health: An Integrative Approach


    Abbott nutrition: has over 100 therapeutic nutrition and healthcare courses, can search for Neonatal, Pediatric, Adult, Geriatric topics. Most are 1.0 CE, few have more credits.

    Selected topics include:

    Call to Action: Elevating Your Role in Patient Care
    CMS never events and litigation: a roadmap to stopping never events
    Nurse currents: neonatal skin care: evidence-based update
    NICU Currents: nutrient requirements for premature infants
    Be Knowledgeable About Breastfeeding
    Counseling Mothers and Families about Breastfeeding and Breastfeeding Concerns
    Emerging Research on the Role of Specific Nutrients on Cognitive and Visual Development
    Enteral Nutrition for Premature Infants
    An overview of cultural competency: focusing on cultural awareness

    Improving Patient Outcomes: Considerations in the New Healthcare Landscape
    Your Collaborative Role in Reducing Readmissions
    Emerging role of lutein across the life span: part 1 - focus on the infant (self-study program)
    Emerging role of lutein across the life span: part 2 - focus throughout life
    Glycemic control: strategies for managing the hospitalized patient
    Nursing currents: a model for improving pressure ulcer and nutritional outcomes in the adult inpatient population
    Updates on Head and Neck Cancer Patient Care: Conquering Clinical and Nutrition Obstacles
    Updates on Lung Cancer Patient Care: Conquering Clinical and Nutrition Obstacles

    Organ Donation

    Think, Care, Act: The Role of the Nurse in Organ and Tissue Donation

    Pain Management

    PainEDU CE Course

    Managing Pain Patients Who Abuse Rx Drugs

    Reproductive Health

    CDC: reproductive health - each 1.2 contact hours
    Self-study std module - vaginitis
    Self-study std module - hsv
    Self-study std module - hpv
    Self-study std module - pid
    Self-study std module - gonorrhea
    Adolescent Sexual Health Webinar Series: Contraception Counseling: Quick Start, Emergency Contraception, & Oral Contraceptive Pills (Web on Demand)


    TB 101 for health care workers 1.1 ce
    Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis: What the Clinician Should Know (Print-based)
    multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (mdr tb) and extensively-drug resistant (xdr) tb
    Pertussis: Coughing up the Facts on Pertussis - Emerging Trends and Vaccine Recommendations 1 ce

    Skin Care
    3M Healthcare Academy

    Promoting Skin Integrity: MARSI and Other Neonatal Skin Care Issues
    Short Peripheral I.V. Catheters and Infections
    Compression from the Inside Out, Not the Outside In
    Demystifying Compression
    Part 1: Myth Busters: What Every Long-Term Care Nurse Needs to Know About Incontinence
    Management of Pressure Ulcers Part 1
    Management of Pressure Ulcers Part 2

    Lymphedema: New Treatment Solutions for a Chronic Condition

    Beyond the Edge: Skin Care Considerations for Lower Extremity Venous Disease
    Edema - What We Should Know, What Should We Do?
    BEST PRACTICES IN CHRONIC EDEMA MANAGEMENT: Focus on a Clinically Proven 2 Layer Compression System

    Prevention of Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury (MARSI) in Critical Care
    Preventing Orthopedic Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) through a Best Practice Bundle


    Vaccine Update for Healthcare Providers


    Caring for People with Vision Loss

    3M Healthcare Academy has many free CE offerings 1 ce (added 11/2015)

    Leadership Success Using a 16th Century Samurai Code
    Getting Hand Hygiene to the Next Level Through Value Based Improvement in a Culture of Safety
    Shifting the Nursing Paradigm Towards Partnership

    American Nurses Association

    Free CE for Members
    ANA's Principles of Nurse Staffing
    Ebola Preparedness and Response: What Every Nurse Needs to Know!
    Finding Joy in the Healthcare Journey

    The Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing: continuing education home
    Each eliterature review is a quick, easy read, delivered to participants through email, as web-based activities, or as podcasts.

    Ahead of the Curve: The Diagnostic & Therapeutic Challenge
    eNeonatal Review
    eCystic Fibrosis Review
    eViral Hepatitis Review
    eDiabetes Review

    Gannett Education free ce

    Document It Right: Would Your Charting Stand Up to Scrutiny
    Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat with Diabetes
    Hydration Myths and Realities
    Legislation and Advanced Practice Nurses: An Update
    Transitons of Care
    Onocologic Breast Reconstruction Today

    Medscape/Medscape Nursing

    The Nurse View: Caring for Patients with Advanced Triple Negative Breast Cancer
    NPs talk about how to manage adverse effects and support patients undergoing
    treatment for advanced triple negative breast cancer
    Access to Healthy Food: Clinicians Take Action
    Optimizing Discharge Planning and Early Outpatient Care in Heart Failure
    The Nurse View: Key Insights Along the CML Continuum
    Patient Goal-Directed Care for Older Adults With Multiple and Complex Conditions
    The Nurse View: Best Practices in Multiple Myeloma

    1 contact hour (ce) = 0.1 ceu
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
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    Please contact the Admin Team via Help Desk link if you know of a professional organization offering free nursing contact hours/ CEU's for review and possible inclusion on this list.


    States Requiring Continuing Education:
    Please check your state Board of Nursing for requirements as some require specific courses to meet licensure. Link to Boards of Nursing
    found bottom of every Allnurses web page.

    24 hours/two years

    30 hours/two years

    15 hours/two years

    30 hours/two years

    RN: 30 hours/two years
    LPN: 24 hours/two years

    RN: 24 hours/two years
    LPN: None required

    24 hours/two years

    20 hours/two years

    36 hours/three-year license
    24 hours/license issued less than three years

    30 hours/two years

    14 hours/year

    Full time RN: Five hours/year
    Part-time RN: 10 hours/year
    Inactive RN: 15 hours/yr

    15 hours/two years

    25 hours/two years

    RN: 24 hours/two years
    LPN: 12 hours/two years

    20 hours/two years

    30 hours/two years

    30 hours/two years

    30 hours/two years

    30 hours/two years


    Five hours/four years


    30 hours (or 15 hours + other nursing activities)/two years

    12 hours/two years


    24 hours/two years


    30 hours/two years


    36 hours/three years


    10 hours/two years


    30 hours/two years


    20 hours/two years


    30 hours (or 15 hours and 200 licensed practice hours)/two years


    RN: 12 hours/two years
    LPN: 24 hours/two years

    20 hours/two years (or other nursing activities)
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  4. by   NRSKarenRN
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    Please provide feedback regarding these courses in this thread:

    Discuss Free Nursing Education Programs - 100+ contact hours
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  5. by   MrChicagoRN
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    Why did I never see this before?

  6. by   iggywench
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    Texas requires 20 hours every two years. There are a lot of free CE courses on Most relate to pedi, but there are some really good topics. The National Association of School Nurses (NASN) also offers many free courses to its members.
  7. by   Clinical_Queen
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    Thank you!
  8. by   Tampa121
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    Thank you, Karen, this list is great. I will be taking some of these courses and pass along to my peers.
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    #7 3

    I've reviewed and updated free CE articles list -removed expired courses, added new ones and updated links. Please PM me for any link issues.

    Note: Links updated 3/8/15. Several courses listed to expire 3/31/15 but may be updated to next yr.
    Last edit by NRSKarenRN on Mar 11, '15
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    New to this, thanks a bunch!
  11. by   strawberryluv
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    Thanks for this! I will use them.
  12. by   RussiaN
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    Thank you, Karen! I have been refreshing my license every two years and then stopped doing so due the fact that I haven't been working as a nurse. Now I am thinking of renewing my Illinois license. These free CE classes are fine and good, tank you very much, but do they provide the legit certificates of completion, so I could submit mine here in Illinois after getting my required 20 hours?
  13. by   jennifer_gail
    #11 0 has quite a few as well, and all are free.
  14. by   MadpeysRN
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    registered for the 6ce on environmental health on Arizona center and i followed the instructions and relogin and and the CE is no where to be found..

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