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    Free Nursing Education Programs - 100+ contact hours

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  3. by   elprup
    I tried one from Abbott Nutrition. Free registration and yes they are free, but could not access them on my Ipad - no flash player. I wil go back and try on different computer. Very cool they are free.
  4. by   elprup
    Best insulin injection technique - i can log in for free, but cannot access webinar. Maybe it is my IPAD problem again. The National Diabetes Education ones, that are all under the CDC Heading, one seems to have to be a paying member to get free CE's.
  5. by   elprup
    Acute Hypersensitivity From John Hopkins under Cardiovascular works! Finally I got one that works.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Anyone still having problems with links, please post here.

    CDC links require one to register @ [FONT=verdana,tahoma,arial,helvetica]New Participant
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