Flu shot/Pneumonia shot in same arm?

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    Is it okay to put these vaccines in the same arm? I tried looking this up I can't seem to find anything about it. Thanks.

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    I prefer to use both arms in case there's a reaction to one of the two.
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    Yea, that's probably the best reasoning. I ended up giving the flu/pneumonia in the same arm to two patients, and they both had reactions. I feel horrible about it...
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    Quote from systoly
    I prefer to use both arms in case there's a reaction to one of the two.
    In nursing school we were taught one per arm so if there is a reaction you know which one it was. At my former hospital this policy was not followed, they were often given both in one arm and when there was a reaction they never knew which one it was. It happens, I stick with one per arm.
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    Different arms.
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    I just had both administered to me recently. The PA in charge of my care gave me other immunizations one in each arm for the reason listed above (I had to go and get a ton of them over the course of a couple weeks), but the tech that gave me the flu and pnemonia shots gave them to me both in the same arm. It hurt a bit, but over all I made it through just fine with no reactions.
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    My policy says if it's the same day they have to be different arms
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    Last flu clinic I worked, we offered the pneu vacc too. We were instructed to use both arms. It just seems to make sense.
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    I usually give them on different arms, just kind of always made sense to me that way...
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    My agency recommends different limbs but says you can do up to two injections in the same arm if you have to. They recommend spacing the injection sites by 1-2 inches so that local reactions can be differentiated.

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