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Currently an agency nurse, I've worked in 1:1 school nursing, home health, and LTC

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SomedaySoonNY has 10 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Agency, LTC, School, Home Health.

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  1. LPN Pay?

    Upstate NY, local pay is 16-25 , agency pay is 25-35. Kind of sad really. Travel pay I've been offered is 1800-2200 weekly with everything included in that pay. Also pathetic when considering cost of living.
  2. New agency nurse

    I feel so bad. I never got a notification of replies. I hope you found what you were looking for!
  3. Aesthetic Nursing?

    Interesting, I had no idea, and I've tried to stay on top of all lpn reqs. I appreciate the answer, but it's an old topic. I asked the original question 9 years ago hehe
  4. New agency nurse

    Just contact one. Maxim, Nurse Finders, supplimental, Favorite Healthcare staffing.
  5. New agency nurse

    This, above answer, in a nutshell is agency nursing.. I would add: Make sure you know the pay rate per facility, it can change even with in the same group. Also, make sure you know what you will be paid for holidays. Contracts and per diem are diffe...
  6. Aesthetic Nursing?

    I never did persue this route. It might have been interesting, but I should look for information again for the sake of answering for the next person. In the end, I developed the sense that it was similar to any nursing position in a doctor's office,...
  7. Some weeks are worse than others. The weeks when you're given a bit more information than your head can reasonably accomodate with out popping like an over inflated balloon.. and you're taking exams daily, how do you de-stress? I suspect that hopping...
  8. LPN nursing student feeling very discouraged

    Its like that in my class as well. I don't have any great advice for you, but there are sites that help a bit, I'm told, and flash cards help a lot of people. One person suggested this site, though I have not looked at it yet myself... www.anatomyarc...
  9. Aesthetic Nursing?

    Thank you for replying =-) My questions were: do cosmetic surgeons hire LPNs? What would they do at the office/ or even the OR? Is the pay scale the sameish or less than LPNs in LTC/Hospital settings? (I'd assume so) Basically, I'm interested in any ...
  10. "One Measly Act Of Charity"

    What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing! I know it's said often in your articles, but you are a very gifted writer and storyteller!
  11. Flu shot/Pneumonia shot in same arm?

    I just had both administered to me recently. The PA in charge of my care gave me other immunizations one in each arm for the reason listed above (I had to go and get a ton of them over the course of a couple weeks), but the tech that gave me the flu ...
  12. Aesthetic Nursing?

    I realize this is really not the proper forum, but I didn't see any other forum where it would fit within AN. I see under specialty nursing, that a lot of specialties are listed, but Aesthetic Nursing is not. Is it not considered a specialty, but a ...
  13. Not accredited but accepted by NYS?

    :nuke: Never mind, in re-reading all of the similar threads (and yes, I swear I've read them before) I think the answer finally sunk in for me.
  14. How to pay for LPN Program?

    I applied to a boces program that is a certificate / diploma program. I was able to fill out the fafsa and receive pell, subsidized and unsub loans to cover the costs of the schooling with a tad left over to cover some very minor expenses. The only t...
  15. Not accredited but accepted by NYS?

    I'm a little bit confused. I'm going to be taking the LPN course at Erie II Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES, how ever it isn't considered an accredited program. This program will cost over 10k once everything is included, and I'm worried that I'll have ...