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First Nursing Pay

  1. 0 What did you buy with your first nursing pay from your first nursing job?
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    Grocceries, electricity and gas.
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    Pizza. It was the first dinner I'd had in months that didn't include Ramen Noodles.
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    Quote from workingharder
    Pizza. It was the first dinner I'd had in months that didn't include Ramen Noodles.
    Lol now that's funny!
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    Right into savings for my wedding...little did I know i would be out in 6 months with a massively herniated disc and on WC for 6 months. Yea, saving for a wedding that year was fun.
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    I earned $9.35 an hour at my first RN job and my first pay check was for a little over $250. I remember feeling as though that was a lot of money to have at once, lol.

    I put half of it into savings and half of it into checking, as I have every paycheck since for the past 30 years. I don't recall what I paid for with the funds in checking. I have always been debt free and didn't have any bills to speak of at the time, and I don't remember buying anything special either.
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    Tuition, to get my degree
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    Since I already luckily got a little sign-on money, I used my first check to furnish our new naked apartment so that we could move into it. We were Newlyweds then, and thought we had the world by the tail. We bought a sleeper couch, blinds, curtains, some very basic appliances, and the basic staples for the fridge (we always ate "out" as her cooking reeked- and I was at work). So it probably bought some pizza, hot wings, and subways on the side. I tithed at 10% to my church.

    Now I would give a WHOLE paycheck to go back and give that idiot some financial counselling!!!!!
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    Sooooooooooooooo long ago I cannot remember!
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    I was sleeping on my sisters couch at the time, so I got a motel room for 1 night for some much needed sleep & jack n the box. LOL
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    It was a long time ago. I made $4.51 per hour.

    Some of it went immediately into a savings account (for emergencies ... and to build up money to pay for graduate school).
    The rest was used to pay my half of the rent as I couldn't afford to get an apartment by myself. After savings, rent, utilities, and food ... there was nothing left for anything fun.
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    Rent, groceries, student loans, car insurance, gas. I use my checks for the same thing today if you replace rent with "mortgage".
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    Groceries, clothes, shoes, expensive make up, bills, Tithes..... but wait, I do that every paycheck!