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    It was a long time ago. I made $4.51 per hour.

    Some of it went immediately into a savings account (for emergencies ... and to build up money to pay for graduate school).
    The rest was used to pay my half of the rent as I couldn't afford to get an apartment by myself. After savings, rent, utilities, and food ... there was nothing left for anything fun.
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    Rent, groceries, student loans, car insurance, gas. I use my checks for the same thing today if you replace rent with "mortgage".
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    Groceries, clothes, shoes, expensive make up, bills, Tithes..... but wait, I do that every paycheck!
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    My first check was at the hourly rate of $4.25/hr......I bought a "good" leather purse.
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    What a great topic! I wasn't hard up for money in a bad way so I celebrated with my husband, but I can't remember exactly what... Dinner out somewhere.
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    Am I young minded or did people get paid 4.25 an hour. Thats unbelievable..
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    I remember when I was a kid I asked my mom how much she made (she wasn't a nurse) but she told me $4.25 and that was minimum wage in 1990.

    What year was it when nurses were paid $4.25?

    I remember a nurse telling me she made that much (but I don't remember what year or if we talked about it) but I remember her saying something like, "I still lived pretty good. I mean, I was able to take trips and stuff like that."

    It seems crazy to us now, but I guess that was "good money" at one point in time.
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    Quote from Aongroup1990
    Am I young minded or did people get paid 4.25 an hour. Thats unbelievable..
    When I started working in 1979, minimum wage was $2.89 an hour. I busted my butt for it too. I remember thinking if I only made $10 an hour I'd have it made. Ha!
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    A 3d DS for my daughter's Christmas gift and the rest went into saving for tution for Rn school. fun fun
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    I haven't gotten my first check yet, but I plan on buying myself some new jeans and underwear! The ones I have now all have holes.
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