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I have been an LPN for almost 6 months now working in a Post Acute floor in Kansas. I have decided to head back and finish my clinicals for my RN through an accelerated option. So I am changing... Read More

  1. by   LongislandRN23
    Try your hardest to get your records sealed or expunged. In NY if your records are sealed you are legally allowed to state NO to a question that asks: "have you ever been convicted/plead guilty to a mideameanor/felony" if it is sealed it will not come up on backrowund checks
  2. by   sweetnurse63
    Quote from markblpn
    I know stealing things is wrong. I did know when I did it that it was wrong. I did it to impress my peers. I do not deny that its wrong.
    But I can tell you that at that time, I was in highschool and never once thought about careers or what I wanted to be and if my actions would affect my future. As teenagers, we all tend to think we are invincible and that our actions will not hurt us.
    I did actually speak with a lawyer today and found that I can seek to get it off my record, just that its going to take some time, some money, and again, the possibility of obtaining it.

    **Worth noting that this would have never been on my record if I did not come forward as a kid with a conscience and turn myself in. I wanted to accept responsibility. It's just aggravating to continue paying for this one minute act 14 years later... Its not like I physically hurt anyone, abused, drug-related, or anything of the sort.
    We have all made mistakes, so don't keep beating yourself up about this. I am pretty sure that other professionals have done worse things. You have changed, you are not a teenager now, you are a man. There is a tv judge; I believe judge Mathis, he talks about all of the trouble that he went through as a kid and God blessed him to turn his life around. You will overcome this situation and first priority is getting your record expunged, my sister had hers expunged and she had no money for a lawyer, so, i believe she sought the help she needed from legal aide. I would not hesitate, work on this asap. I wish you the best.
  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Each corporation is different. I worked for a place that wouldn't hire anyone with any kind of 'hit' on their CORI check. I've worked for places that give the management team a lot of leeway in deciding if the hit on the CORI would make them a bad employee. At one place, I interviewed a wonderful nurse....upbeat, smart, very honestly told me she had passed ONE bad check when she was younger and got caught. I wanted to hire her. HR said no. Then a month or so later, they hired an administrator who had been arrested and charged with soliciting sex from a member of the same sex at a rest stop! HE got hired...the poor nurse who made one mistake years ago did not.
    Keep looking. It's obvious from the tone of your postings that you sincerely regret your act of teenage stupidity. Good luck to you.
  4. by   applewhitern
    I agree with the poster who said try to get your record expunged. It should not be a problem; I have known people with far worse records than petty theft getting their criminal record cleared. It is really not that expensive, either.
  5. by   mindlor
    Good lord Mark. I apologize on behalf of these few self-righteous folks that posted such hurtful things. Let those of us without sin cast the first stone. I feel that everyone deserves a second chance. Keep working with your attorney, I do not see any problem with getting this expunged from your record. Best of luck to you sir.
  6. by   mindlor
    What really gets me is these self-righteous ones are more than likely running about trying to convert everyone to their religion, telling them how much their chosen diety loves them, and then not willing to love the potential converts themselves....I always find that interesting.....religious people are some of the most narrow minded, meanest, cruelest people that I know......and of course there are exceptions but it certainly is the rule
  7. by   PintheD
    The diverse knowledge found on these boards never ceases to amaze me! You have received some very practical and detailed advice that I hope helps you to move forward in your life. All the best!

    Unfortunately posting on a public forum is a double edged sword. Some people love to point out the obvious, as if they are the only ones able to discern black from white. These, I'm sure, are the same people who, when approaching an elevator that has already been summonsed by those waiting, will push it again. Only their push of the button has the power the generate action. What a tremendous burden they have!
  8. by   Been there,done that
    There are many nurses applying for that position. HR will go for someone with a clean background check.
    You deserve that. Either get a lawyer to get it expunged.. or check out the protocol to do it yourself.

    Best of luck to you.. it can be done.