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The other day the doctor ordered a pt.'s Foley changed out. I didn't feel good about it going in, because the last time the Foley was placed the urologist had to do it. Also, the pt. had been... Read More

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    Quote from firstyearstudent
    I'm not a student. I'm a nurse who has been practicing for three years.
    It was an understandable mistake, given your username.
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    Do you feel that you did any permanent damage?

    I've had these things happen as well when I was still in the military - and I always felt horrible about it, I think partially because of the area that the damage was done.

    On the other hand, if it's not changed out they run a risk of infection - which I think would be a lot worse than some bleeding.

    I think the nature of the area makes it seem worse than it is when you do some damage, but if it's nothing permanent you should not beat yourself up too much about it. Procedures like this are in place for a reason.
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    Quote from firstyearstudent
    I'm not a student. I'm a nurse who has been practicing for three years.
    I think it's time for a new name! AN lets us change them every year if we want to, and if your status changes ie from student to whatever. Hang in there. I hate when things like this happen too
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    Quote from michelle126
    We change caths every 30 days or prn. I've dealt with some difficult pts (enlarged prostates, ones who spasm). I might have tried once then if it didn't go in easy, I'd be calling the doc. This is in LTC too. I've had my share of bleedeers too.
    I agree with this. Especially if I had clearance from my charge, I would have given it a try. But when it was clear that it wasn't going in okay for whatever reason, I would have stopped and tried to get the urologist involved. Just because it required the urologist 30 days ago doesn't mean the pt's condition was the same and it would still be problematic. It might have gone in just fine. But when it didn't, then maybe stop and go higher up the food chain (can I say that without getting flamed? )

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