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  1. JennRN65

    Feeling Flustered

    I have worked nights for 18 years. For me, scheduling all three shifts (or in my case four) in row has helped me have a normal life on those days off. My normal days are Monday - Thursday nights. On Friday, I sleep till noon and then transition back to a daytime life through the weekend. The weeks I have my weekend requirement, I am off Thursday night. When I split the shifts up it makes it harder to resume a daytime life with my family. As for working every weekend, they should have outlined your expected schedule on the new job. Is this a weekend option position or one you have to work every other weekend, every third weekend etc. Good Luck on your new job - you will figure out what schedule works for you eventually.
  2. We have three rotations and within that you can bunch or split the holidays. I bunch mine so my holidays this year are Thanksgiving eve, Thanksgiving Day and Memorial Day night. Next year is Christmas eve, Christmas day and July 4th. The 3rd rotation is New years eve, New Years day and Labor Day night. So we only really lose one major holiday a year this way. There are people who split them, so within those rotations they are working two different winter holidays, but that is the rotations they chose. Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve and New Years eve are the winter holidays, with the day afters (Thanksgiving day, Christmas Day and New Years Day nights) being the "hard to staff" days. Memoral Day night, Labor Day night and July 4th night are they other holidays. You have to work 3, with 2 being winter holidays. I think it works since you know from year to year in advance what your next rotation is. Hope this makes sense to you!
  3. I am interested in WGU's RN to BSN program, but am interested in hearing how you have satisfied the 90 hour clinical requirement. Does anyone have any information? Thanks!
  4. Hugs to you! I had shoulder surgery 6 years ago after a patient tried to remove my arm. I was out of work for almost 7 months though with the recovery. Shoulder surgery recovery is the most painful thing I have experienced in my life and I have had three kids. Unfortunately, the injury was never completely fixed and I still have pain to this day. The level of pain varies though. There can be times where it's just a slight ache and others where it hurts to move my arm at all. This past week I had a patient that was quite large and helping them sit up just set off my shoulder pain intensely. Thankfully, it has calmed back down. Good news though, I can still work as a critical care nurse, I can still turn people, I can still function well. It will get better and you will learn to live with it if it flares back up.
  5. JennRN65

    Panic attack setting in

    How do you know it is your patient?
  6. JennRN65

    Tax question for Per Diem RNs

    Sounds normal for any working person. The more you make, the more they tax.... You can change your number of deductions to bring home more each payperiod. Make sure you won't end up paying at the end of the year because of it though.
  7. JennRN65

    Resign now??

    I agree Ruby. Even the smartest, most capable new grad is a new grad "who doesn't know what they don't know." Hell after 18 years there are days I have to scratch my head, refocus and then consult my coworkers for opinions.
  8. JennRN65

    Shift Differentials

    You won't get base pay for the first 8 hours and time/half for the next four hours unless you are in OT. You will get your base rate for 12 hours unless it is specific to your institution to pay in that manner. Shift differential don't change for OT purposes. If the shift diff is $5/hr, you will get that for all of the hours worked in that shift.
  9. JennRN65

    Budget-Cuts my Butt!

    CMA's are NOT nurses. Your employer is not required to check with you when they complete projects that may or may not increase the value of their practice. Please stop calling yourself a nurse. According to your post you are a Certified Medical Assistant and it is illegal to pretend to be a licensed professional nurse.
  10. JennRN65

    Working to the clock

    RE: the cna clocking out and coming back to work... BEWARE, you have clocked out and are no longer on your employer's time. If that CNA was to get hurt assisting after she intentionally clocked out, she will be outside of workmen's comp. DO NOT EVER clock out and return to work.
  11. JennRN65

    I am sad, I am numb, am I burned out?

    I haven't experience a coworker suicide, but we lost a dear coworker in a horrific accident. We got to work that evening and our administrator's were waiting along with the chaplain's. I don't know how we got through that shift that night - we were all in tears and we extremely choked up all night. The patients knew something was wrong and the chaplain was on the floors for a long time helping us deal with the patients and sometimes explaining to the patients why their nurses and aides were in tears at the drop of a hat..... Many thoughts and prayers coming your way. It was a very hard time for everyone.
  12. JennRN65

    What have other nurses done that have freaked you out?

    Watched in horror as a nurse fast pushed UNDILUTED Phenergan through a peripheral IV. They did it so fast that by the time I said STOP, it was already done.
  13. JennRN65

    So, who is working for the holiday?

    Working 7p - 7:30am tonight.....double time. Off till tuesday after that. Already worked Thanksgiving this year along with a few minor holidays. Could be worse, I could be a patient during the holidays. Counting all of our blessings this year - even with dh getting laid off in October we are still blessed with the ability to pay all of our bills, be able to provide a decent Hanukkah for the kids and we are all healthy.
  14. Ok, the time has come that I get this BSN and MSN done. My shoulder isn't going to last forever at the bedside, it's already on it's last legs now...... I sent away for information from ISU and University of Phoenix on their programs. I graduated with my ASN in 1993. When I was going to school, I did take extra classes to stay full time for financial aid reasons. My advisor at the time had me take classes that would apply to the BSN program. What classes are required to be taken with each program? How many of your credits did they accept? What type of classes can you test out of? I am a critical care nurse with 16 years experience. Thanks for your input!
  15. JennRN65

    Do you think working with a knee walker would be possible?

    Check with your Employee Health coordinator to see if they would allow you to work with the knee walker first. I was not allowed to come back to work and be on the patient care floor with a walking boot after my ankle injury. It would depend on your hospital's policy. If they say yes, get the information in writing before you go out, just in case there is a change.
  16. Yes, I think it's a bad idea. Have you seen the difficulty new grads are having getting jobs? There is no guarantee a job will be waiting for you when you graduate. Also, you will have to pay monthly payments to your credit line each month. I think it would be a better idea to work while going to school in order to be able to pay your monthly bills. It can be done, many here have done it and continue to do it. Good luck with whatever you decide is best for you.