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Just curious to read a few stories from nurses who have been fired from the bedside. Patients and family members use very different criteria than we do to determine who is and who is not a good... Read More

  1. by   CoffeeRTC
    Quote from gentlegiver
    I've been fired from Dementia pts, left the room and came back 2 minutes later to have them tell me all about the "horrible Nurse" who was in earlier and how glad they were that I was taking care of them cause I was thier favorite Nurse!

    LOL...this is how I get "fired" at work. Cute!

    We have family that try to dictate staffing. It doesn't work as easy in LTC when you only have one or two nurses for 50 or so.
  2. by   AngelfireRN
    At my clinic, a few of the pts try to dictate the care, meds, etc that they receive...our doc is not in the best of health, and thus we try to minimize his stressors.

    He has informed patients many a time, and given the staff leave to as well..."If you 'fire' Angelfire, you fire me, too, I won't see you anymore. She continues the treatment plan I approved, she WILL NOT change it without my approval, and she is here because I hired her. Therefore, I trusted her. If you don't trust her, you don't trust my judgement, so why would you want me to treat you?"

    Love my doc. I just wish there was a way, as others have said, to 'provoke' firing so we could weed out some of our heartsinkers.
  3. by   nurse2033
    Yes, thank God! The patient was critically ill and terminally disabled, and cared for by his wife at home (poorly I might add). She had her own way of "nursing" that included smearing Crisco on his butt (not making this up) among other things. She even wrote out her own sliding scale insulin doses. When I wouldn't play along she "fired" me. I was so happy I could have kissed her. She tortured the few staff members that she allowed in there for six weeks. (Management should not have allowed her behavior, but I don't work there now for good reason).
  4. by   Poi Dog
    I was fired again tonight because a resident did not like the snack that I had given him. I told my CN that I was going home because I was just canned and we had a good laugh over my predicament.
  5. by   Ruby Vee
    i've been "fired" a few times over the years. even the nicest, sweetest, most compassionate nurse i know has been fired because she "wasn't nice to me." i was fired for "lacking compassion for the family" -- a complaint that was probably true because the husband walked around sipping from a travel mug full of jack daniels all day and had threatened us all with his 9mm handgun. nevertheless, i was the only icu nurse on who could also do dialysis, so i took the patient anyway and security stood by in case the husband attempted to make good on one of his many threats of bodily harm.

    i was fired because "i don't want that fat blonde (bad word meaning female dog) near me." i didn't take that one personally as i had barely set foot in the room and hadn't even managed to get my name out before the sister claimed i was discriminating against the patient because she was black and asked for a new nurse. there wasn't a nurse of the preferred color (and gender) on that day, so they had to make do with a redhead. (a skinny redhead.)

    and i've seen patients "fire" every nurse that wasn't caucasian. i'm blonde -- but he fired me when he found out my husband was hispanic.

    it's been my experience that people who want to hand pick their nurses usually get below par care because they're so obnoxious that whatever nurse they haven't fired doesn't want to go near them.
  6. by   tokmom
    No, never lucky enough. I'm the one that always got pulled into the fray because difficult family members seem to like me. If there was a difficult family, my name was usually besides their loves ones name.