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Nccity2002 has 10 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Trauma/Critical Care.

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  1. Nccity2002

    Nurses are Not Doctors

    ...Wait, What??!!
  2. Nccity2002

    Do you need all those degrees?

    Wow. This is one of the most ignorant comments I had come across in this discussion. Leave it to nurses to shoot themselves in the foot by resenting those with higher education. Just like in the "old good days", guess I should had been be happy just empting bedpans...
  3. Nccity2002

    Odd ER visit

    Wow...The "ombudsman" really?? To the OP: Sorry about your bad experience. The situation obviously still bothers you, as others had wisely adviced, get in contact with the hospital ER manager or the custumer service liason person (now in days, every hospital have one of those) and informe them of you bad experience. Hopefully you would be able to get some closure.
  4. Nccity2002

    What were your experiences? (Please Read)

    Congratulations personally, I joined a professiona organization (try AACN if interested in critical care) and made acquance with several managers and educators around my area. My 1st interview was a bliss since I already knew the manager. I think you have many options if you are flexible and willing to relocate. Best of Lucks.
  5. Nccity2002

    Q's about UTA AP

    "The partner hospitals are in Texas. So, you cannot live in Georgia and do the nursing program at UTA." Actually, the above is incorrect. I live in OC, CA and my facility (a teaching hospital) does have a partneship with UTA, for ADN-BSN and BSN-MSN 100% online; and yes, as a employee there is a tuition discount. I would advice you to contact an admission adviser at UTA...they should point you to a facilicy in your area who participate in the program. Best of luck
  6. Nccity2002

    Lateral Violence

    Why are you expending so much time and energy in an environment that you consider toxic?? If you had exausted all the official channels at your facility to solve the issue, with not results...either get a new job (I know...you hear it before) or consider lawying up.
  7. Nccity2002

    ICP monitoring and ventricular drain.

    The rationale for clamping a ventriculostomy device (EVD) is to evoid overdraining of CSF, which may lead to brain herniation. If you place the EVD below the patient, you will normally see an increase of CSF drainage, due to gravity. For this reason, most EVD protocols recommend clamping it with any changes in patient's position that may place the EVD below the patient.
  8. Nccity2002

    Lateral Violence

    It would be helpful if you provide us with specific and factual situations that you are perceiving as lateral violence. My two cents...you had been a nurse for more than two years, it seems; seek another job. End of problem.
  9. Nccity2002

    Boston 2013- Saving Tips

    Boston is such an expensive city when it come to hotel accomodation!! It always crack me up when I check out the "discounted rate" of the hotels provided by the AACN; and realistically, only can effort them when I travel in a group. This year (since I am flying solo), I am trying something different: Hostels. For those of you trying to save some money, consider staying in a hostel. There are several, conveniently located around the convention center, for less than $75 a night. A great site to locate hostels (around the world) is www.airbnb.com. If you have any money saving travel tips, please pass it along.
  10. Nccity2002

    Can I become a Nurse Practioner?

    I have to agree with the above poster. It is ok to be a supporting bunch...but the OP came to this site looking for honest feedback. I work as an NP, in a neurology group and I have to be honest...someone's application with her background would not even be considered. The reality is that ( like it or not) in this economy, with hundred of schools spitting out new grad NPs, a potential candidate with a diversion conviction would have a very difficult (if not imposible) time finding employment.
  11. Nccity2002

    Is my Pay Acceptable for Southern California?

    Orange County, CA $38-50... depending on the agency, hospital and your negotiation skills...
  12. Nccity2002

    my coworker is trying to micromanage me!

    I will be the devil's advocate here... To the OP, would you rather her to go directly to your manager with these "issues", rather than address them with you, first? Because, honestly that is probably what will happen if you confront her and she takes it the wrong way. As many noted earlier, respectfully accept the feedback and move on with your day (Obvioulsly some things are being missed, if she keep coming back to you) .
  13. Sounds like you need more assistance transporting patients...are you doing this, by yourself??
  14. Nccity2002

    Career Change - Need Advice

    Run for the hill...and never look back.
  15. Nccity2002

    What to do about disruptive behavior?

    In the future, please read the OP original post, before commenting. There was no reference of that patient being"unstable". She simply did not turrned or "touched" the patient because she became busy with her other patient.
  16. Nccity2002

    What to do about disruptive behavior?

    I do agree that nobody should be treated that way, under no circunstances. However, as an ICU nurse, I can't get past the fact that you did not turn/touch an ICU patient under your care for 12 hrs!! I am curious, how did you completed your documetation/charting if you did not assess/touch your patient??