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Nccity2002 has 10 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Trauma/Critical Care.

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  1. Nccity2002

    Nurses are Not Doctors

    ...Wait, What??!!
  2. Nccity2002

    Do you need all those degrees?

    Wow. This is one of the most ignorant comments I had come across in this discussion. Leave it to nurses to shoot themselves in the foot by resenting those with higher education. Just like in the "old good days", guess I should had been be happy just empting bedpans...
  3. Nccity2002

    Odd ER visit

    Wow...The "ombudsman" really?? To the OP: Sorry about your bad experience. The situation obviously still bothers you, as others had wisely adviced, get in contact with the hospital ER manager or the custumer service liason person (now in days, every hospital have one of those) and informe them of you bad experience. Hopefully you would be able to get some closure.
  4. Nccity2002

    What were your experiences? (Please Read)

    Congratulations personally, I joined a professiona organization (try AACN if interested in critical care) and made acquance with several managers and educators around my area. My 1st interview was a bliss since I already knew the manager. I think you have many options if you are flexible and willing to relocate. Best of Lucks.
  5. Nccity2002

    Q's about UTA AP

    "The partner hospitals are in Texas. So, you cannot live in Georgia and do the nursing program at UTA." Actually, the above is incorrect. I live in OC, CA and my facility (a teaching hospital) does have a partneship with UTA, for ADN-BSN and BSN-MSN 100% online; and yes, as a employee there is a tuition discount. I would advice you to contact an admission adviser at UTA...they should point you to a facilicy in your area who participate in the program. Best of luck
  6. Nccity2002

    Lateral Violence

    Why are you expending so much time and energy in an environment that you consider toxic?? If you had exausted all the official channels at your facility to solve the issue, with not results...either get a new job (I know...you hear it before) or consider lawying up.
  7. I hope this unfortunate situation does not deter others from becoming organ donors. As it is, there is already a lot of ignorance and distrust about the process, out in the community (and unfortunately among health carte providers); without the added bad publicity. I really feel emphaty for the little girl and her family, but even if she makes it through the critical part, the new set of lungs is only buying some time, until she outgrows the lungs.
  8. Nccity2002

    ICP monitoring and ventricular drain.

    The rationale for clamping a ventriculostomy device (EVD) is to evoid overdraining of CSF, which may lead to brain herniation. If you place the EVD below the patient, you will normally see an increase of CSF drainage, due to gravity. For this reason, most EVD protocols recommend clamping it with any changes in patient's position that may place the EVD below the patient.
  9. Nccity2002

    Lateral Violence

    It would be helpful if you provide us with specific and factual situations that you are perceiving as lateral violence. My two cents...you had been a nurse for more than two years, it seems; seek another job. End of problem.
  10. Nccity2002

    What to do about disruptive behavior?

    In the future, please read the OP original post, before commenting. There was no reference of that patient being"unstable". She simply did not turrned or "touched" the patient because she became busy with her other patient.
  11. Nccity2002

    What to do about disruptive behavior?

    I do agree that nobody should be treated that way, under no circunstances. However, as an ICU nurse, I can't get past the fact that you did not turn/touch an ICU patient under your care for 12 hrs!! I am curious, how did you completed your documetation/charting if you did not assess/touch your patient??
  12. Nccity2002

    Not even a word of English

    [QUOTE=MomRN0913;6744157]This past 2 weeks, the patients i have opened up cases for in HH speak not a work of English. They have social security numbers, Medicare benefits, and Medicaid benefits. Live in the U.S. But do not speak a word of English. Getting a family member who does or a translator at a certain time, or even to make a simple phone call and to get someone to answer the door is an utmost challenge. I know this topic is controversial, but why am I struggling to hard to understand some Spanish so I can do my job in America? Most are quite lovely patients. Some are just shocked that I don't speak Spanish! My rant of the day. And these days, there are a lot of rants for me in this field, I admit it. Welcome to America. It is what it is and with a growing Hispanic population, I do not see that changing, anytime soon. As nurses, we have a moral and ethical responsibility to check personal biases/agendas at the door. Why do I make this comment? Just based on some of the responses...including the OP post, above(I can't help but wonder how this mentality affect patient care.) Sometimes it is wise to take a step back and evaluate our attitudes and be careful not to short change our patients because of personal beliefs. To the OP: Why no be proactive and take this opportunity to find out what resources are available at your facility to help you and others (staff and patients), in future situations (because trust me...you will find yourself in this situation, again).
  13. Congratulations on getting the Interview First things, first: Get as much information about the facility, the unit and the position you are applying for (become familiar with the job description). I had participated in numerous panel interviews, and it is painful to witness someone trying to make a good impression when they obviously did not do the research. Since you lack clinical experience, most questions will probably be based on common situations, such dealing with difficult custumers, situations/co-workers.When responding to a question, please make eye contact and address everyone in the panel. In regard to your lack of clinical experience...do not bring it up, unless it is addressed and if someone bring it up, focus on everything you had done to stay up date with skills (education, volunteer work, projects). Best of Lucks.
  14. Nccity2002

    How Magnet Hospitals are destroying Nursing

    I have to admit...I almost fell off my chair when I read your "facts". Where in the World are you getting this information? !! When you list your sources/references about your above post, then we can initiate an "informed' discussion. Take care.
  15. Nccity2002

    What Committees are you on?

    I had beed involved with several nursing committees since I was a new grad, and from personal experience, it will broaded your undestanding of nursing and administration processess and give you the opportunity to participate in improving those practices. It is also a great opportunity for networking, within your facility (depending on the type of committee you join)...you never know when you may need a pertinent reference or apply for another position, within you facility. Not sure what is your area, mine is critical care and working in a teaching facility, pretty much cover every commette you can think of (We even have a fitness committe!!). The best advice I can give is to find a committe that really interest you (remenber, you will be spending time and effort with them), then join, learn and grow
  16. Nccity2002

    Needy, needy, needy... vent please.

    Hopefully no Chocolate...