Dry, Chapped, Cracked, Burning Hands

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    My poor, poor hands. After washing them over and over and over again, gloves on and off repeatedly throughout my shift, they actually started to crack and bleed tonight. Any type of lotion causes them to burn and break out in a red rash, even the lotions that claim to be for sensitive skin/fragrance free, etc. I have fair, sensitive skin to begin with. It can't be a latex allergy because the gloves are latex free.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks! :spin:

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    Well, it seems there are several other threads on this very topic! Sorry for the repeat!
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    Get an Rx for Elidel. It's awesome!
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    Quote from ebear
    Get an Rx for Elidel. It's awesome!

    In the past, my doctor had given me a script for clobetasol. What is the difference between this and Elidel (if you know and don't mind saying). I too have sensitive skin and a few winters ago my hands were exposed to some extreme cold, dry weather that caused them to become split, dry, cracked and burned with any kind of lotion. My hands would shake with pain and I couldn't pick up anything without pain. I had to see a dermatologist and that is what they gave me (clobetasol) telling me I had extremely dry skin. One of my nails even started growning in slightly crooked!! Hmm. Doesn't sound like dry skin would do that, but OK. It cleared up my hands and they have been normal for over a year, only getting a little dry and irritated once or twice for a day.
    My son keeps getting outbreaks of ecsema (sp?), which his pediatrician keeps ordering more and more bactroban to heal it, which does NOTHING for my son and I tell him so. I'm in the middle of getting a new pediatrician who can either really help him, or be willing to refer my son to a specialist. It seems he had a mindset that he could cure anything and everything from his office. The same pediatrician who ordered Hydrocortizone for my sons dry, red upper lip ( due to sucking on when he had a runny nose - ick ) which did nothing. I finally tried putting chapstick on his upper lip and it went away. Go figure! Personally, I think my son's dry skin/excema is excerbated by stress and he might possibly have some allergies. Sorry to get so off topic. Venting my frustrations over the heath care my son has recieved. I really feel for the OP and their dry hands. Since my hands have been back to normal for over a year I have been wanting to try a really good lotion to help keep them in good shape. Anyone have any suggestions? Clobetasol really helped my hands, but I'm wondering if maybe I should bring up Elidel to my sons pediatrician. TIA.

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    I'm not familiar with clobetasol. The Elidel is definitely worth a try for your son! I've seen it work wonders on eczema. It was a life saver for my hands while working O.R. !
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    When my hands get really bad sometimes I use triple antibiotic ointment on my hands. What I do is put on a thin layer and rub it in good before I go to bed. You might want to wear cotton gloves or socks over your hands if you do this though because the ointment is a bit greasy. That is the only thing I have found that works and doesn't make me want to cut my hands off from the pain.
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    What has worked really well for me is to use the AVON moisture therapy every night, like really slather it on... then use it a few times thru the day when I feel like I need it. Honestly I do remember it stinging when my skin was really bad. But if I keep it up and use it often then they never get too bad... Also try not to wash with super hot water, just dries the skin out more.
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    I don't like the idea of using triple antibiotic ointment, because even though it's just an ointment, it's still an atb, and we way overuse them. (maybe just my personal paranoia) I've done the same thing with the socks, though with A & D ointment with good results. I also like Burt's Bees foot ointment (for my hands)
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    I put lansinoh lanolin (for cracked nipples) on my hands with cotton gloves overnight. It works wonders. Its also great fot chapped lips.
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    This stuff smells horrible but it works wonders.


    When I worked as a reporter up north, my hands were exposed to the cold a lot -- dry, cracked, chapped, sore. (It's hard to take notes when you're wearing gloves.) We kept a tub of this in the newsroom, and it saved my poor hands!

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