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I'm not a nurse myself (yet)--but many people close to me are. Right now, I'm a friend of the profession and professional journalist who writes about healthcare. I expect I'll enter nursing as a second career someday ...

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  1. namaste_71

    Where would you work?

    Hi, all. If you had a choice among Peace River Medical Center, Fawcett Memorial Hospital (both in Port Charlotte, SW FL) or Charlotte Regional Medical Center (Punta Gorda), where would you work? Or what facility would you avoid?
  2. Greetings, all. Thanks to the folks to answered my original question. I found out that Mayo Clinic does not accept my insurance, and the out of pocket costs are too much. Other than Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, iIf you had a sick family member, what hospital in Florida would you use? Are there other facilities good at diagnostics? (It doesn't matter what area of Florida this is in. And it doesn't have to be your own.) I'm trying to find a place to take a loved one. And I'm willing to travel just about anywhere. A place that accepts Medicare would be first choice. Thanks!
  3. namaste_71

    Where would you take a family member?

    Greetings, all. If you had a sick family member, what hospital in Florida would you use? (It doesn't matter what area of Florida this is in. And it doesn't have to be your own.) I'm trying to find a place to take a loved one. And I'm willing to travel just about anywhere.
  4. namaste_71

    Why Not Run Hospitals Like Firehouses?

    Because the hospitals in my "back yard" scare the pants off me.
  5. namaste_71

    Riding a Motorcycle to Interview. Good Idea?

    As long as you don't roll through the doors and screech to a halt outside her office, I'd say you're fine. :-)
  6. namaste_71

    You know a good nurse the minute...

    If I see an RN going out of his/her way to help a family member of mine, even if he or she sees it as just part of the job, I always say "thank you." There's a difference between genuine appreciation and "flattery." IMHO, had I written this piece, I would've focused on examples where my loved one received compassionate AND competent care at the hands of RNs. Done differently, the article could have been used to educate the general public about what nurses do and the pressures they face every day. If you have a limited opportunity to get a point across, why waste it complaining about one individual?
  7. namaste_71

    Does n-e-1 have info on the VA hospital

    Not sure about Miami, but Bay Pines in St. Pete and James A. Haley in Tampa are supposed to be nurse-friendly and new-grad friendly. Cost of living is a lot better in that part of the state, too.
  8. I knew there was a catch!
  9. namaste_71

    Role transition

    Congratulations! You might want to ask if your employer (or potential employer) has a nurse internship/residency/mentoring program -- something beyond 2 weeks orientation on your unit of hire. Some hospitals even have new grad units, where they pair GNs with experienced preceptors. The time on the new grad unit can run 6-8 weeks (you'll strengthen your nursing, assessment and critical thinking skills, as well as get familiar with the overall hospital "culture), then you're transitioned to your unit-of-hire for additional training specific to your new job. No matter what, ask for specifics about the kind of training new grads receive. What state are you in?
  10. Finally! A use for all those pennies in my change jar!
  11. namaste_71

    Doctor's Visit a Pain for Overweight Women

    Yes, but there are tactful and kind ways to handle getting a larger BP cuff. "I'll be right back, I need to get another BP cuff." Or something like that. Then take the BP like you would any other patient.
  12. namaste_71

    Doctor's Visit a Pain for Overweight Women

    Wow ... makes me very grateful for my PCP. I could stand to lose 40-50 pounds, easily. Instead of humiliating me at my last physical, she talked to me about how important it was for my health to lose weight -- because I have borderline hypertension and heart disease runs in my family. She was very kind and respectful, though. She also helped get me started on a healthier eating plan.
  13. namaste_71

    Unbelievable Family Members

    Sounds like the daughter needs a psych consult! Kudos to you for keeping your cool.
  14. namaste_71

    The Patient I Failed

    What a sad and beautifully written story. If I am ever facing the end of life in a hospital ICU, I hope I have a nurse with a heart like yours.
  15. namaste_71

    Thank you notes to patients?

    From the patient side, I don't see what difference these make. My s/o recently received a thank-you card after spending 10 days on a local med-surg unit. It was signed by whoever happened to be on shift before the card was mailed. I can't remember the exact wording, but there was a huge gap between the sentiment on the card and the actual quality of care. It was pretty easy to see right through it--an attempt to hike up patient satisfaction ratings. As a patient or patient's loved one, I'd rather see that hospital focus on retaining RNs/LPNs and keep safer staffing ratios. The unit was at full census during his stay -- with 1:7-9 ratios. Seems to me healthcare facilties that treat their employees well tend to have safe and happy patients, too.
  16. namaste_71

    Supervisors that gossip!!!

    I would think HIPAA, professional privacy and common sense would lead one NOT to divulge that kind of information. Whether or not he/she breached any regulations -- it was still inconsiderate and not very wise.