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Where pts hands have been? We're always helping them to transfer, get up, change etc. I noticed that a lot of the pts with mobility issues who have beside commodes or urinals do not have means of washing their hands. The sink... Read More

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    Recently I am getting more and more concerned about shaking people's hands in general life, not just in the hospital!
    I carry hand sanitizer and use it frequently.

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    Honestly, riding the Metro to my "nice, clean job" as a Marine Reservist at the Pentagon scares me the most. Curtains in pt rooms come in 2nd, though. I feel like I have an appropriate guard up at work and follow standard precautions, of course, and anything else required by pt condition, but on the Metro? They let anyone on those trains, and I never get to see any medical hx on them...... =)
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    After taking a patient to the bathroom or emptying a urinal, I just go into the bathroom and get two washrags, one with soap and one without. I don't even ask, I just had it to them and say "here, this is so you can wash your hands." You would not believe how much people appreciate that, I don't know if they are afraid to ask, or if they never thought to do it that way.
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    Quote from Dramqueenie1
    MRSA and diseases like it are developed from using too much sanitizer.
    Not true.

    MRSA and diseases like it are simply evolution in action.

    "Sorry, family members, I am going to make sure your beloved family member gets a UTI so I don't inadvertently develop an antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria."

    Nah. Not going that way.

    (Incidentally, if "good old soap and water" are effective against bacteria, they would simply contribute to the development of "soap and water" resistant strains.)

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