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  1. My instructors are overall wonderful but something my cohorts and I can't stand: please do not tell us "oh you won't need to know this" and then have 4 test questions on it, and similarly telling students to know something front and back and then never mentioning it again.
  2. lalopop86

    Sleep Mask

    Have you looked into white noise machines? Or download a white noise/sleep sounds app on your phone
  3. lalopop86

    Nursing student resume question

    I am applying for an externship for this summer (due to graduate in December) at the local hospital of my dreams and I have a few questions about tweaking my resume. I graduated in 2008 from a university with my BS in Public Health and I had a lot of leadership and volunteer experience during my time at the university. I'm wondering if I should include it because it's at least 6 years old. I also was wondering if I should put down what skills I've performed in my clinical rotations. I've heard that it's kind of redundant because most people know what students do in clinicals but I don't really have a lot of stuff to put on my resume and I'm wondering if I should include that.
  4. lalopop86

    Cried during pinning ceremony

    I will probably cry at mine. Only because ive never worked for anything do hard in my danged life and if I can get through to the end it will be miraculous!
  5. Wow! I am a nursing student currently trying to form my resume to apply for internships and this is super helpful.... thank you!!
  6. lalopop86

    How to prepare for nursing school??!

    Honestly just enjoy any free time you have. You'll start in Jan and they will tell you what you need to learn :) just spend time with family and friends and SLEEP like you've never slept before !
  7. lalopop86

    Student interested in oncology

    That's awesome. That sounds like an excellent experience. Do you know if it's commonplace for new grads to be hired onto oncology units or is it more like ICU where people want med-surg experience? Would you recommend or advise against a new grad to be an oncology nurse?
  8. lalopop86

    When should I begin applying?

    This may be a bit premature but just wondering. I am scheduled to graduate in December 2013 with my ADN. How far in advance should I start thinking about the job search?
  9. lalopop86


    The bad part is that these kind of people are plenty in fundamentals. The good part is there's a 99% chance they don't make it through to the end so you won't have too many of them next semester!
  10. lalopop86

    Winter Break

    SLEEPING!!! My gosh I am tired. I will also be baking lots of Christmas goodies, dejunking my house, losing the 5 pounds of fluff that I gained these past few weeks because I haven't had time to exercise, and getting together with my non-nursing friends if they remember who I am. It's sad that I haven't had time to hang out with them! Oh and also doing some reading/preparing for next semester... the next class I'm taking is predicted to be the hardest in my program wahhhh
  11. I began the program a year ago and I had 171
  12. lalopop86

    Student interested in oncology

    I will be graduating with my ADN December 2013 and am finding myself more & more intrigued by oncology/hematology. I'm curious if it is common for new grads to have the opportunity to be hired on an oncology floor right out of school or is it recommended to have some med/surg experience under your belt? I am hoping to do an externship on an oncology floor before graduation but was wondering if there are any other things I can do to try to get an oncology job right out of school. Thanks in advance.
  13. lalopop86

    Will I get in trouble ? ? ?

    I agree with the others who have advised to own your mistake, and do NOT say anything that sounds like an excuse ("I am a student, I'm here to learn" and the like). In my program I am sure that this would be grounds for exiting the program, as people have been exited for much less. It will also most likely damage the relationship your school has with this hospital. Doubt they will let students watch surgeries from now on. Best of luck- be honest and professional and your meeting. Let us know what happens.
  14. lalopop86

    Is the first semester really the hardest?

    No, it's not the hardest. For me the hardest part of it was the shock of how different it is from any other class I'd taken before. Unfortunately, the material and expectations/responsibility only gets tougher. You do get used to the "culture" of nursing school and get used to revolving your whole life around it though.
  16. lalopop86

    New Nurse: Delegation and CNA, PCA, PCT Issues

    May I ask how you are delegating? When I say that, I mean your wording? I am a tech and while I try my hardest to do all of my tasks on time (blood sugars and vitals in the correct time window, etc) we all know things happen and we get behind. However I LOVE when my nurses make me feel like part of the care team by saying things like, "hey it's really important that WE keep this guys sugars normal. Can you make sure you let me know what his next sugar is when you're able to check it?" I know that with some people this approach will not work but sometimes it helps knowing that your nurse remembers your job is important too!:) I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Nobody deserves being spoken to in that way. I hope it gets better for you!