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I noticed this while talking to a group of people from my class. Many of them are on their second career after it ended around 2007 and up. They then began to work towards entering the RN program as a way to get into a filed that... Read More

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    I was a victim of the economy. Got a Maters in Teaching and a sign on bonus to move to NC to teach. Four years later, I did not get tenure (masters teachers make 12% more than bachelors with same experience); over-educated myself out of a job. I have a bachelors in Biology so that helped me get into Nursing school. Funny thing is that I waffled between Nursing and Teaching when I went back to school in 2002. I have one semester left of an ADN program and many of my classmates are there because of the economy. On a positive note, b/c so many people are moving down here from the north/northeast, there are jobs here and I know of 2 new hospitals, a mental health facility, and 2 expansions going on (one at big Duke) that are going to need nurses.
    For me, this has been a good thing. I really enjoy nursing and don't feel like it is the last choice. I also think the teaching background will make me a better nurse
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    Quote from kgh31386
    There would be less RN students if the schools didn't make it sooooooo flippin easy to get in. A LOT of schools don't even require General Chemistry. The pre-reqs are filled by "aerobics, english 101, art, walking class, basic psychology for a gen ed, a history class, maybe a nutrition class, oh and the OMG SOOOOOO HARD A&P". Some schools do it right and require the chemistry, organic chem. But some that even require Microbiology...have a watered down version. Major university here in town has Micro 3200. The "Nursing" required micro is Micro 1230......come onnnnnn. Then you hear students whine that nursing school is so hard to get into. Try taking Biochem, Physics, Organic Chem, etc, then get back to me on hard. I've taken those, no sympathy from me.
    I have heard of schools where there aren't any prerequisite.

    My school has added more requirements for those who want to be eligible to apply.

    Human Anatomy
    Chemistry one and two

    With a c plus or better in all with a minimum 3.0-3.2.
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    Just for kicks, I went over to J&J's "Discover Nursing" site to see if they'd modified their rosy portrayal of nursing, given the number of graduates who are still looking for work. Not only had they not done so, they have a "Myths" section and guess what their number one myth is? Graduates having a hard time getting jobs. Not only that, they are still talking about sign-on bonuses of up to $14,000. When I read that, I realized that these are people who are either clearly not in touch with reality, or are in cahoots with someone to benefit financially from schools churning out more students.
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    Perhaps but I know that isn't the case for me. I went to school for Biotechnology and then started a graduate program for genetic counseling and after a year the program had changed, it was more towards research vs patient care and clinicals, etc. Plus, my then husband couldn't find a job where I was going to grad school. So I ended that and got a job for a bit where he had a job. Then started looking into what I could do with my biotech degree.. which is research.. not my interest and of course no jobs for new grads. So I looked into nursing. Not because I had heard anything about money or job status, really. I maybe foolishly didn't really think about how much I would make when thinking of a career haha So now I am in another BS program for nursing. There were no prereqs if you were to start as a freshman for the BSN but of course I had a million science credits from my other degrees Unfortunately there is no accelerated BSN in the area, so I have to take 5 semesters of classes lol oh well But anyways, the point to my story was that not everyone goes to nursing because of the supposed shortage/the pay/the hipe.
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    Good question. I saw nursing as a recession-proof profession. Work has been steady since I graduated three years ago. It's hard, and not always as satisfying as I'd hoped. At the end of the workday, I still dream of doing something that I love. I recently saw a neon sign along the interstate advertising nursing degrees from a small private college. Cheap. School's tough. The breadth of what nurses are expected to know is vast. Yet, if you toss a stone in any direction you're bound to hit a nurse or an aspiring nurse. Programs of varying lengths are springing up everywhere. How (why) are these schools obtaining accreditation? There most certainly is no shortage. The surplus of nurses has resulted in a general lack of respect, lower wages, and job security. We are a dispensable lot.
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    MI don't think so for me, I have always wanted to be a RN. After spending my entire childhood in the hospital. I do think that people think it is easy job, not. I am a cna, medical assistant(horrible mistake no jobs there) and a anesthesia technician(love this job) . I eventually want to be a CRNA, love anestehsia.
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    My class started out with like 55 people, and half of them were idiots. Now we're down to less than half that amount, 22, and while I think a few of them won't make it, I think that most of them will make great nurses.

    I was recently reflecting on what a huge money maker level 1 of nursing school must be. Especially when you consider that some people will retake the same level a few times before ultimately giving up.
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    It is not a bad thing that people are coming to nursing due to the economy. I'm one of those economic refugees! My career field is dying and after a lot of consideration, I decided to become a nurse. It has been a solid decision. I would not have considered nursing at age 20, but seem to have the disposition for it now.... The current economy is bringing the nursing profession some well-rounded people. There is nothing wrong with that.
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    I guess I am in the minority. The economy had nothing to do with my changing careers. My original career was going just fine. I just want to be a nurse and am not getting any younger.
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    I think there is more then a little truth in that. My class started out with 56/57 students. Over half were there for the money only. Only 32 of us made it through. I went because I wanted to help others and there are many differnt ways to do so in Healthcare. I was not sure what type of nurse I wanted to be. I am certain of one thing now, I am so disappointed in what I have found. I know most nurses are not in it for the $$$ but it seems like money is all that matters and not the pts. I feel for the poor souls that went into nursing because of tricks and false ideals.

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