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I'm in the weekend program at work, and work every single weekened. I only work Sat & Sun, so I am considered part time. We have 4 weekenders on my unit, and as a result, the rest of the regular staff only end up having to work... Read More

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    Wow, Shiccy. That's cold....

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    Wow, and you call yourself professionals??? I would hope that you wouldn't be my nurse one day with all the negativity and unnecessary remarks!!

    I just wonder how "great" your attitude is at work?
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    Having to actually cover the holidays on your weekends is actually fair.

    Not getting compensated appropriately for it is not. And it could be illegal.

    Salaried employees do not receive compensation for overtime and holidays, so they are not required to work them. Non salaried employees should all be compensated. 1.5 should be paid to all, regardless of how much someone's hourly pay is. PRN'ers used to be paid significantly more for no benefits, but they still get compensated 1.5 for holidays and overtime. Your situation is no different. The fact that you have to work the weekend and it's a holiday should have no bearing on this.

    side note: you certainly didn't deserve the attitudes you received from some of these posts. is here for questions just such as this one. good luck.
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    Quote from 2btraumarn2008
    wow, and you call yourself professionals??? i would hope that you wouldn't be my nurse one day with all the negativity and unnecessary remarks!!

    i just wonder how "great" your attitude is at work?
    debate on an internet site shows absolutely nothing about someone's professionalism or attitude at work. chastising someone for their poor attitude and hoping that they won't be your nurse one day is indicative of the nastiness and backbiting that so many say they deplore. and since it appears that you're still a student, you don't even understand the realities of being a professional yet anyway.

    one more thought: those who get picky about which nurse they'll allow to take care of themselves or their families usually end up with worse nursing care . . . unless all you really wanted was the pillow fluffing.
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    to the op: i see nothing at all unfair about your situation -- looks as if you have a pretty sweet deal! if you're starting to chafe, however, maybe it's time you went back to regular staffing. if you're not ready to do that, then take the bad (christmas and new years falling on saturdays this year) with the good (set schedule, only two days a week and most holidays off).
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    I'm full time-I work every other weekend and half the major holidays each year.If a holiday falls ON my weekend rotation I work it unless it's Christmas. Christmas,T Giving and New Years are worked every other year. As full time I work on one unit-and am often in the charge nurse role. Our "PRN" staff are not required to work a number of weekends or holidays and are responsible for nothing but passing meds and maybe picking up a few treatments.They always work on the larger units and are the second or third nurse.They are NEVER in the charge nurse role.They NEVER do an admission or hospital return.Many never even call a doc and note new orders. They also make more dollars an hour then I do-is that fair? They do not get bennies and have no gauranteed time. That's the trade off....
    When we had a Baylor program those folks were allowed ONE weekend off a year.They got their straight time no matter if a holiday fell on the weekend or not. They also had little responsibilty just like our current PRN staff.
    We all have to make sacrifices for our families-if the weekend option is no longer working then leave it.But look at a calendar to see exactly what holidays really fall on the weekend next year.
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    You make a whole lot of assumptions here, most of which are wrong, and then you judge me for it?

    Like I said before, I'm part time. No benefits. Everyone else is self schedule and works when they want. My schedule is filled in for me and I am the one who has to switch if I need it. I hardly feel like a victim- grateful to have work but wanted some other nurses opinions on sorting out a situation that didn't make sense to me. So like I said, thanks to those that gave mature replies. I just got unlucky in the sense that so many holidays fell on the weekend this year but I know I'll be missing most of them in another year or two (if I stick it out working weekends for that long).

    Quote from shiccy
    What you're saying is you make more per hour than everyone else, but are not on one or two days every once in a while?

    Also, is the Sat-Sun thing considered fulltime? At my hospital our 'weekend incentive' people work two days, but get paid for three (which is why I ask). They're considered 'full time' and get full benefits, but don't get as much vacation time off nor as much sick time. They can, however, request 1 weekend off a quarter.

    Look at it this way:
    You get paid more than anybody else for normal hours
    You get the days you WANT to work (weekends), and not the days you don't (unlike your cohorts)
    You possibly are still full time even though you work a whopping two days a week (if above is true)
    You don't have to work ANY holidays except the ones that fall on your weekend.

    They get:
    More money a few days a year
    They have to work whenever they're scheduled and have to switch to get around it
    They work 3 days a week or more
    They have a holiday schedule rotation where they have to work pretty much every holiday.

    If this bothers you the only way of getting around it, sans finding a new job, is to go to normal shifts and working whenever the heck they want you to.

    In short:
    Stow it and stop feeling like a victim.
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    Sorry, it is fair, holidays don't always fall on a weekend and this year they do. You have opted to work weekends. Our weekend program is the same. You work all weekends, actually NO ONE in our hospital is allowed vacation time over holidays so that argument would be in the bag here. It is what it is. But I will say, ours do get the holiday premium. You might want to opt out next year...the eves and days are on Sat/Sun.
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    Well, you agreed to work it... Two days a week for full time pay, or close to it, is amazing.
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    It may not seem fair, but you prpbably knew (or should have known) what you were getting into when you accepted the position. The hospital I used to work at didn't include shift or weekend differentials in when they figured time and a half or double time for overtime or, if the holiday was on a weekend or you worked night shift, you still got time and a half or double time, but it was at your base basically lost your differential. It was a bit "unfair," but it was also explained to everyone before they accepted a night shift position.

    I feel very lucky because my family has never cared when we celebrate holidays...if not everyone can be there on December 25th, we get together on the 23rd or the 27th or whatever. If one of us can't make it on any day that works for most of us, we still eventually get together even if it is for breakfast at McDonald's or for brunch after church.

    The pay thing is a bit of a bummer, but other advantages to a weekend only option probably outweigh missing holiday pay.

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