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For everyone out there, do you like what you do? Especially for all those people out there who dreamed of being a nurse, is it what you expected? I'm trying to get into nursing and sometimes I wonder can I really do it. And if I... Read More

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    It is ok enough. I do not love it but it pays decently and I can have a lot of days off. I was very stressed as a new grad. Tons if anxiety. I dreaded every shift. I ran into so much I didn't know about and not many nurses were experienced or able to help. It was sink or swim and not depend on others for life boats. I would not want to relive the first six months. Now that I know how to handle most situations on my unit it is better. but get a shift with no aide, insulin drips, IV IG, blood transfusions, whiny pts and the anxiety and dread comes back
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    Ill be honest. I don't like it. I am a floor nurse and feel burnt out in just a year. The stress and toll on my body are nowhere near worth the pittance I get paid. I live in the South and we get paid crap and have terrible benefits . We are constantly under staffed and worked to death. They literally want to squeeze every last drop of life out of you. I could never recommend this career to anyone in good conscience.
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    Thanks for all the responses! You guys are great. It seems to me it depends on the person. I guess I won't really be able to see until I actually start working. I know that first job after nursing school is going to be horrible because I'm already stressing about whether I'll be good at it. I work at LTC facility as a med-tech and I do love that. I really do love fast-paced work and I'm good at it. I don't know, I think I'm mainly afraid of the responsibility.

    But my ultimate goal is primary care, as a nurse practitioner. I don't think I'll hate the few years of floor nursing that I'll have to put in, but I definately don't think I could do it my whole career.

    For those of you who said you don't like being a floor nurse, why not make a change? Isn't life too short to work a job that you are miserable at?
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    I hated being a nurse before my current job. Back when I worked in direct care, I was so miserable. The schedules, the management, the patients/families, everything about it was bad. And I got paid horribly. I was looking to go back to school for something else.
    Then I got a job in the insurance industry. I could not be any happier. I am not stressed and I get appreciation for what I do. Just the other day, we had a staff meeting. The director of my department said, "No matter what happens, I always believe the nurse first." You will never hear that in a hospital. Actually, you will never be believed in the hospital. Everything will be your fault and you will always be wrong.
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    is it what you expected? - I never really had any expectations I guess, I think that is good, otherwise I think I would be disappointed.

    how stressful is your job? At times I want to hide in the bathroom in the fetal position hoping it would all go away, but it’s not always like that. It depends where you work too. Your coworkers can make or break it.

    After nursing school do you feel adequate enough to take care of your patients safely? Yes, I did not feel like I’d go around killing people or anything. However the skills you need to make you a GOOD nurse are learned on the job (anticipating problems, getting your sixth sense about things, health teaching, answering questions, helping your coworkers ect)

    Do you like going to work? Yes, again, it depends on who I’m working with that day, and what’s going on at home. Hard to go into work while you’re missing out on something at home.

    I am happy that I went into nursing, however it is still early in my career. I worry about what my back will look like in 20 years. For now though I am happy. I like that fact that I can try new things, meet new people. I would go nuts sitting at a desk, or dealing with 20 snot nose, screaming kindergartens (my original plan). And I really do feel like I am helping people, as lame as it may sound, that’s what keeps me going back, well that and the gossip
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    I absolutely love being a nurse! In school I thought I could never work with elderly due to the nursing homes I experienced but I currently am working in an assisted living/memory care and I take care of the two floors of memory care. Yes I have days of being totally overwhelmed and even heartbroken. Dementia is a terrible disease to watch. And like another poster I've been hit, cursed at, blamed by family for behaviors when they are in denial of progression. One day when I was completely tipped over, I had a family member stop me at the end of one of my 13 hr shifts just to say "your the best thing that has ever happened to my dad and you are an amazing nurse". Then I tipped right back up. The rewarding feeling you get from being a nurse outweighs any of the bad to me. And I don't know what greater compliment you could receive at any other job that you'll remember the rest of your life like I will. And when your a good nurse, you receive more compliments like that and its an amazing feeling to go home with at the end of ever day knowing you made a difference in someone's life. For me, a lot of my residents don't remember when I help them, but ill do it over and over just to see the appreciation in that single moment from them. Wouldn't change my career path for anything. I will say it takes a special person to not only be a nurse, but to be a good successful one. You have to be hardworking, compassionate, empathetic and understanding. Sorry such a long message. I really get going when I start talking about my passion!
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    Do I like being a nurse? Eh, yes and no. If I could work with animals making the same money I would quit nursing in heartbeat. I enjoy home health nursing, being out in the field, being responsible for myself with no one up my butt. I enjoy my home health pts, some more than others. I can say you couldnt pay me enough to work at the hospital, unless, perhaps in OB/LD. I have been spoiled with my M-F 8-4 no weekends no holidays. I am only working 2 days a week now, and that is perfect. The rest of the time I can be with my son and anticipate my August arrival.
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    I do love being a nurse, however it is the most stressful just I've ever had... I do not like being on call, or having to work over almost every day... but yet, when a patient looks up at me, as sick as they are, after just having surgery and dialysis in the same day, and tells me, "Thank you so very much..." How could I possibly do anything else?
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    Nope! If I could go back a few years and start over I would choose something else in a second. I loved being a nurses aid. I loved getting to know the patients and I am no stranger to hard work. I LOATHE being a nurse. Everything is dumped onto the nurse. The blame, the responsibility, the liability, the doctors mistakes, the short staffing. You spend most of your shift trying to chart to CYA and CYA of the hospital and have little time to see the patients. Just chuck meds at them and run. God forbid they ask you a question or want to chat, aint nobody got time for that! It is very physically and emotionally draining. I no longer work out, my sleep patterns are a mess. I am sore a lot. I do get to meet some wonderful people, and I also work with some wonderful people. But that is not enough to overcome the mountain of shortcomings. If I do not get out of bedside nursing in the next year or two, I am leaving the field entirely. It just is not worth the toll on my health, physically and emotionally.
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    After 15 years ... I'm done. It doesn't define who I am and won't miss it when I leave (in 3 weeks!). It's been an eye opener and I guess I'm glad I did, it but it's time for the next generation to take my place. Next!

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