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  1. Lorirfrommontana

    Passed NCLEX-RN on third try!

    Congrats! I've known several very good nurses who had to take the test more than once. They new the material but were not good test takers. It happens!
  2. Lorirfrommontana

    Do you like being a nurse?

    I am one of those who never dreamed of being a nurse but decided to go to nursing school after my first child was born. My original plan was to go on to be a nurse midwife. My first job was on a post surgical floor. I had always planned on getting a job in LD but I just never did. I worked med/surg for 18 years! It was hard at times. The first year is always the scariest. You really do learn on the job. I am now working on the inpatient psych unit while I work toward my FNP. I believe my years in med/Surg have prepared me for this next part of my career. There were times when I dreaded going to work. There were times when I sat in the restroom crying because it was all just too much. There were times when I just wanted to quit. I didn't and I have to say I love being a nurse. My body would not tolerate floor nursing any more and I'm looking forward to my new career in nursing. I think med/Surg is a great place to learn a lot. Just don't stay there as long as I did!