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  1. kclpn2013

    Do you like being a nurse?

    I absolutely love being a nurse! In school I thought I could never work with elderly due to the nursing homes I experienced but I currently am working in an assisted living/memory care and I take care of the two floors of memory care. Yes I have days of being totally overwhelmed and even heartbroken. Dementia is a terrible disease to watch. And like another poster I've been hit, cursed at, blamed by family for behaviors when they are in denial of progression. One day when I was completely tipped over, I had a family member stop me at the end of one of my 13 hr shifts just to say "your the best thing that has ever happened to my dad and you are an amazing nurse". Then I tipped right back up. The rewarding feeling you get from being a nurse outweighs any of the bad to me. And I don't know what greater compliment you could receive at any other job that you'll remember the rest of your life like I will. And when your a good nurse, you receive more compliments like that and its an amazing feeling to go home with at the end of ever day knowing you made a difference in someone's life. For me, a lot of my residents don't remember when I help them, but ill do it over and over just to see the appreciation in that single moment from them. Wouldn't change my career path for anything. I will say it takes a special person to not only be a nurse, but to be a good successful one. You have to be hardworking, compassionate, empathetic and understanding. Sorry such a long message. I really get going when I start talking about my passion!:)
  2. I'm definitely not drug seeking! Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have a Dr appt tomorrow to look into daily preventive meds cuz prns like imitrex don't work so I've got no choice! And yes it was the worst feeling ever and I too felt like I was never gunna snap out of the feeling of being trapped in my own body and mind! Hopefully I can get my migraines figured out, definitely do not want to go through something like this again!
  3. I'm an lpn at a memory care currently so I of course deal with many kinds of psychotropics but was not thinking clearly when this med was given to me...I suffer from migraines and the other day had one so severe I went to the er. I had done this once before and a mix of iv benadryl and reglan did not help just morphine. I told the doc this info this past time, and he ended up ordering me a 5mg im shot of droperidol. The pain was so severe I didn't question it or ask questions but the nurse said to me, you should feel better soon he gave you a higher dose than usual. Shot was given and knocked me out so I didn't feel the pain anymore. Got home from the er at ten pm and was passed out within five mins again. I woke up twice the next day, once to call in and once to return a call from my boss. I then slept til ten pm that night when I finally dragged myself out of bed to eat then went back to sleep til 7am. So that's about 30-32 hrs of sleep. I can't describe it any other way other than I was "snowed". Literally. What a terrible feeling, tried to get oob but could not do it. Felt like I was watching myself try to do things. Trapped in my own mind basically. After looking into this drug its an antiemetic, antipsychotic, and one other thing I can't remember possibly antidoperagonist? Anyway, everything I read says to start initial dose at 2.5mg, Im or iv, then increase by 1.25mg. Also says to monital blood pressure which was done right before I was discharged and not any other time. For some reason I'm just bothered by this. I guess because I missed a day of work taking care of my residents because I was too doped up to go in. Anyone heard of this given for migraines? Sorry for the novel this just happened Sunday and has been on my mind!
  4. kclpn2013

    Barrage of Terrible Cases: Remembering to Feel

    I loves reading this! I've only been a nurse for a little over a year and my first job is a nurse in a dementia unit. I have multiple people on hospice at a time and my first deaths came in a group of three. Then a bit later three more passed and at one time I went into my bosses office uncontrollably crying. Wondering if I chose the wrong profession because I am completely incapable of not becomjnv attached to my residents. I felt that must mean I wasn't a good nurse. And my boss said no that's what makes you an amazing nurse. I put my heart into every patient and while it may be hard when they pass I know they got the best care possible at end of life. Thankyou for sharing this!
  5. kclpn2013

    Looking for a pick me up:/

    Thank you I appreciate the feedback. To give a little more info, we lost some nursing stuff so I was running around crazy. We had an outside nurse helping out who didn't do the follow up that was needed for skin break down. But then again neither did I, I should have followed up but I didn't realize how fast something could get out of control. The person is extremely debilitated and on hospice so I know some break down is inevitable....but nursing process and interventions were not followed so if you look at him and his chart he looks neglected. I feel like I lacked the time, knowledge and experience to give him the care he needed and its just hitting me really hard cuz I would never intentionally neglect someone. Nursing is my life and I hate learning from things at the expense of a vulnerable adult:/
  6. kclpn2013

    Looking for a pick me up:/

    I'm brand New to this site and I joined because I had something happen at work and now I am questioning my entire being as a nurse. I've had my first job as a nurse a little over a year now. Work has been crazy and one of my residents slipped thru the cracks and has not received the care that should've been given. I would never intentionally neglect someone but it looks that way and is staring me in the face. I'm now questioning my entire dream of nursing and wondering if I should give up. Other nurses tell me its normal to mess up, but I feel horrible. Do any of you other nurses have a situation that you didn't handle the proper way as a newer nurse? I really need some feedback to get thru this. I feel like, yes I know I care more than words can say, but caring isn't enough. What if I lack the skill to safely care for people? Thank you for your input.