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I'm not talking about patient education, I'm just talking about general conversation. I hear people get things wrong medically all the time, but I rarely correct people. For example, a relative said the other day that she... Read More

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    I get (mentally) homicidal when I hear people talking about how they "need" antibiotics for their "sinus infection," or "flu" with descriptions of regular cold symptoms. The overuse of antibiotics (and the providers who prescribe them willy nilly) drive me nuts and it's hard not for me to correct people about it.
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    I basically go the rout of Spidey's Mom and Lily. No qualms about correction...will go into overdrive for the situation with the child and aspirin (Peds nurse here.)

    For people who do not want to be "enlightened", I just tell them, ok...keep us in business!
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    Quote from mclennan
    I only ever correct the term "stomach flu."
    This one really bugs me for some reason!
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    I correct annoying people who think they know everything all the time. If it's someone I like, I let it slide.
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    Ooh, the "stomach flu," that one drives me crazy! I'm so sick of correcting this, I gave up. I just cluck and say "poor thing," and scream inside my head.

    I was at a party once when people were talking about jaw problems. Somebody said, "What does TMJ stand for?" Some guy was making all kinds of ridiculous guesses like, "Probably something in Latin so regular people think the doctors sound smart." I piped up and said, "It's the name of the joint. And it's actually TMJD." The guy smirked and said, "What, you think you're a health provider or something?" My awesome husband said, "Uh, she's a nurse." I left shortly after because that was far from the stupidest conversation happening there and I couldn't take it anymore.

    Lesson learned. Now I only correct egregious errors that are safety issues.
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    Quote from mappers
    I'm not talking about patient education, I'm just talking about general conversation. I hear people get things wrong medically all the time, but I rarely correct people. For example, a relative said the other day that she thought her mother just had a kidney infection but then "We found out it was E. Coli! " I didn't have the heart to tell her we all have E. coli in our guts and most kidney infections are E. coli.

    I have a patient who also goes to my church. He tells everyone he has bladder cancer. He really has prostate cancer with mets to the bladder. This happens a lot with "bone" and "liver" cancer as well. I hear people say "so and so" had breast cancer and now they have "bone" cancer. Well, they most likely have bone mets, not bone cancer.

    Normally, unless the person is seeking information from me or I'm in the clinical setting, I just keep my mouth shut. I figure I don't want to be an obnoxious know-it-all and, since I don't know the whole situation, I don't have all the facts.

    What about you?
    Rarely. Most of the time it isn't worth the migraine, and they'll just disagree with you. Unless it's something that could affect their well-being, I usually try to just let it go. You're probably not going to change their mind, and like a PP said, they'll probably think you're being a show-off. (I had someone accuse me of showing off when I went to church one evening and absentmindedly forgot to take off my ID badge.)
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    I usually do only when it comes to peds
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    Only if it concerns children and if there could be a bad outcome. If I'm really confused and looking for clarification I might correct but very mildly.

    I'm not going to correct people when they use layman's terms, just like the mechanic doesn't correct me when I use wrong terminology.
    If we are on the same page and understand either other, then it's all good.
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    I correct my mother and sometimes my friends. Strangers not so much.
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    I only get upset about the difference between Type 1 and 2 diabetes. I have a child with T1 and constantly have to explain. Also we had a pt this week, an older person who had T1 there whole life. I had to educate the whole facility about how to treat this pt.
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