Do you do assessments after a patient is discharged? - page 3

We do assessments at 8am and 2 pm on my shift. If someone is discharged at 9 am and you haven't gotten to the assessment yet is it necessary even if they are still there for hours? Some nurses on our unit don't bother with it... Read More

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    I don't know why this is even a question....

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    Thanks for your thoughts. In our hospital, patient's usually get discharged at 10 am ( in which case I've already done their 8 am assessment) but we have one discharge nurse who is responsible for all the discharges on our unit. So it can be 3 pm and some patients are still there because she hasn't given them their papers yet, they don't have a ride yet, etc. (It's not a good system for our floor but that's another topic.) I have always treated them the same with meds, assessments, etc until they are out the door literally but have been told by a couple of the nurses who have been there a while that once they have a discharge order I should not be giving meds and doing full assessments which is why I asked what others did. I will keep doing what I'm doing then because I agree there could be a change in status.

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