Did you always want to be a nurse?

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    Did you always want to be a nurse? I mean, when you were little, did you dream of becoming a nurse? Was this what you day dreamed about while you were in High School? Did you always know this was the profession that you wanted to get into? What about the medical field in general? Maybe it wasn't nursing, but something else in the medical field that sparked your interest initially.

    Second part: How did you end up becoming a nurse?
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  3. by   catnip3
    No, it was never my dream to be a nurse. I wanted badly to go into conservation, forestry, wildlife research (quite a far cry from nursing, I know!). However, my family was very poor, we had no car, and the babysitting job I had helped Mom pay the bills. I went to nursing school only because I could walk there, and the 3 year program was affordable with a loan. So here I am 25 years later, still a nurse! :-) I never "loved" it, but it IS a wonderful career, and I feel I've given it my all, though I still dream of spending my working days in the great outdoors.
  4. by   chicookie
    No. It wasn't mine. I wanted to be a doctor. But I finished high school when I was 16 and I was scared to go to medical school. So I stayed here and went into nursing. I wasn't happy about it at all because I felt like I gave up on my dream but in reality what I wanted is what I got. I wanted to treat people and now I have grown to love what I do. (well it depends on the day)
  5. by   MirandAck!!!
    Yes! I went back and forth a few times and tried different things, but always came back to nursing!
  6. by   SurvivorRN
    Id love to say Yes! Ive always loved to be a nurse..but that would be a fat lie. No!! I never wanted to be a nurse. I wanted to be a journalist and i was working on it but nursing just fell into my life and my family encouraged it ( I am appreciative of that) for the steady income. So here I am...

    I still dont love it but it pays the bill ( and to those who love Nursing..good for you..ill never discourage u from being a nurse). Im still soul searching and ill find my true path soon....
  7. by   NickiLaughs
    No I wanted to be an FBI agent.
    But with all the health conditions I had as a kid and all the questions I asked I had a natural curiosity for medicine. It fits me in a lot of ways. Though I still wouldn't mind the chance to fulfill my dream as an FBI agent someday...
  8. by   Virgo_RN
    Nope. I wanted to be an ED physician or a trauma surgeon. But my life took many twists and turns, and here I am. I have no desire to put myself through medical school at this point in my life. Too much to do, too many things to see!
  9. by   Tait
    Nope. I was always going to be a Marine Biologist until I learned that I couldn't stand being in water that wasn't teal blue with a cement bottom. :P

    I became an RN when I went in to school to become a massage therapist and the most influential adviser I ever had looked at me and said: "Have you ever thought about nursing?"

    I really never gave myself the credit to be able to do this job or the schooling required!

  10. by   rps33
    Its so funny that most people are saying no. My answer is no too. I guess I didn't know what I wanted to be.

    Then my grandmother, who I was very close to, died. A few months after that, it just came to me that I should go to nursing school.

    I got accepted to a school a few blocks from my house immediately. That was very convienent. But I was a single parent, living on my own and working full time during school. So it wasn't easy. But I got through suprisingly smoothly (I think my grandmother was helping me out along the way).

    I met my husband in school and being a nurse has given me so many opportunities to raise my family and still work and earn decent money with excellent hours. I also love the perspective it has given my and continues to give me every day on life and death.

    So although I never dreamed of being a nurse, I really love it and could never imagine doing anything else.
  11. by   MedSurgeMess
    No way, wanted to be a lawyer or mechanical engineer.....nursing fell into my lap in my mid 30s...here I am
  12. by   Isitpossible
    nope never wanted to be a nurse...however i always wanted to be in the helping profession...my goal was to save children from abusive parents...(and i did it)....funny my grandmohter always asked why i dont become a nurse (she was)...now shes dead and gone, and i was accepted into nursing school on HER BIRTHDAY!!!.....
  13. by   mrsshifflette09
    I have wanted to be a nurse since I was around 15, and my [now] husband suggested a University we could both go to and get what we wanted, so I ended up going to nursing school there. We got married about 2 weeks after graduation, and I am now a RN!!! I haven't started my job yet, but I have worked in a hospital for a year and I love it!! I can't ever imagine myself doing anything else.
  14. by   lpnstudentin2010
    1. Yes I have always wanted to be a nurse. Since I was 5 years old. When I was a freshman in highschool I was told I could not do it, and I gave up. I am now going into my senior year, and after I graduate I am going to nursing school

    2. Here is my plan:

    BA in Psychology - 2010
    LPN - 2011
    work 2-3 years (have already been told if they are looking at the time I have a good chance in one of my docs old offices, if not there I have many contacts in the medical field due to medical issues I have had
    The go back and get my RN