Did I help the nurses or did I do nothing?

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    I'm a nursing assistant in the float department. Half of the times, we would work on the floor of different units and the other times we would sit. When I'm working on the floor or sitting, I work very hard, giving 100%. Today I worked on the floor for a cardiac unit. I had 13 patients, although some of them got discharged at the end of the shift. I didn't take my 15 min breakfast break because I was busy. I didn't take my lunch break as well because once I was done with sugars and afternoon vitals, there was a new admit, I was putting in the intakes and outputs,etc. I felt so tired at the end of the shift. However, I felt like I didn't help as much as I wanted to, yet the time flew by so quickly. I did 10 morning sugars, morning vitals for 13 patients, put in the intake and output for each, helped patients into the transfer beds where they had to taken for tests, help them back into bed, take lunch vitals, afternoon vitals. I mean some of the patients were walkie talkies so I barely did any AM care, yet I felt like I was sooo busy and I felt like I didn't help out much...Is it just me or does it seem like I did nothing??

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    Sounds like you did great. I'd kiss ya for doing those sugars. Make sure you take your breaks, though.
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    Wait? you did blood sugars? If your nurses complain I will have to educate them...That's amazing! I've always had to do my own. Vitals are terrific too...
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    I'd say you did twice as much work as any aide I've ever worked with. When I was an aide, we did all blood sugars but when I was a hospital nurse, our aides were not allowed to do them.
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    If you were answering call bells an providing the care you are supposed to (which sounds like you did) then I would be more than happy to have you as my aide. Sounds like you did a great job!
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    Sounds like you did a great job!!! Believe me, it takes a long time to do blood sugars and vitals plus all the little things you have to do in each room while you are there. It is a huge help to have all that done. I, for one, am extremely grateful for these things being done and the patients being cared for.
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    If I were working with you that day I'd have thanked you a multitude of times for all your hard work.
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    Aids are in many ways in a tougher position than nurses. I have my 2-4 patients I am responsible for and that's it. If it's slow, I'll help out the others, but I'm in no way expected to. You have the whole unit, and several nurses to please! The 10 sugars alone would be very time consuming. Our aids aren't allowed to do blood sugars, so I imagine that must be a huge help.
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    Sounds to me like you did great. I work as an aide while I'm in nursing school and I do all the stuff you just mentioned. Some
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    Oops. I was going to say some people get too busy and forget to express their appreciation for your efforts. I'm sure you are though.

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