Creepy Patient

  1. Ok I'm completely creeped out by a patient I had. They absolutely had to smoke. I found them in their bathroom with a cigarette, they promised not to do it again. I found them again a bit later in their bathroom (the whole room reeked and it was going out into the hallway too). I spoke with them a second time about getting a patch or something and they threatened me with talking to my boss about it.

    So later they went completely the opposite way, telling everyone they met about how wonderful we all are and how they want to commend us to the universe, etc.

    Finally, they started taking cell phone pics of each person who took care of them.

    I documented everything in case it came up again in the future and went home, but it's bugging me.
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  3. by   DookieMeisterRN
    Two words.....nut job.
    They're everywhere nowadays.

    I seriously would have called security the second time they were caught smoking to confiscate and back up the nursing staff. Than called again when caught taking staff pictures without your consent. Maybe security couldn't make them delete the pics but you shouldn't have to be taking this bullsh*t from a pt.
    A good security officer is worth their weight in gold for dealing and putting the fear of god in these passive aggressive people.
  4. by   Nursetastic
    Yep, I'd have called security. And I have over smoking before. The physician also needs to know what is going on.
  5. by   Been there,done that
    Yep, let security handle it and notify the doc.

    BTW.. this is borderline personality behavior. Read up on it.. you'll see it again and need a heads up!
  6. by   Flare
    I would have the cigs and lighter sent to the safe and would leave a message for the doc. Also - i don't let patients photograph me.
  7. by   chevyv
    Yep, I too would have called security and there is no way anyone is taking pics of me at work! Any pics of staff would need to be deleted immediately!
  8. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    I know BTDT, This screams BORDERLINE!!!!!

    Thats what I was thinking the whole time I read it, and you will see it again, and again, and again!

    They are really sweet, sugar dropping kindness, like a gumdrop in a mousetrap if you cross them. They are extremely compensatory after they mess with you too, if they ever get over it, because they are extremely enraged when you cross the line they have set with you. You can just watch the switch flip in their heads! Borderline all the way!!!
  9. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    the difference b/t passive agressive and borderline d/o is: Your safe with a passive agressive when the lights go off, they'll just say something smart like, . . "We forgot to pay the light bill huh?" (meaning YOU forgot to pay the light bill) The borderline is the one chewing on your jugular because you betrayed them by not paying the bill.
  10. by   GitanoRN
    seriously, this type of borderline pt.s are the most challenging, because they know what buttons to press in order to get what they want. therefore, i would have notified security the second time i found him/her breaking the promise that they said that it wouldn't happen again. in addition, it's best to document, document and did i mentioned document the behavior.
  11. by   Esme12
    NUT jobs......they're everywhere! They think taking pictures is teaching you a lesson when the sue you for infringing on their "rights". They probably have an IQ smaller than the amount of teeth in their mouths.....collectively. Don't let them creep you out. Dirt bags...

    The subject of having your picture at work has been debated extensively before....technically while discouraged it is not illegal as there is nothing private about a public area of a hospital. I just get very good at paying attention and putting my hand up. You can try to enforce your facilities policy regarding photos in the hospitals being strictly prohibited, but arguing with them just keeps them there longer and we don't want that.....

    Just ignore them.....unfortunately if you work with the public you are going to meet every nut job out there. I tell my children that I trust them, I just don't trust all the crazy people walking around in the general public that scare me.

    ...I'm sorry they creeped you out.
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  12. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle
    Thanks guys. I really needed to hear this.
  13. by   Meriwhen
    [font=times]if the patient was violating rules (and unless you work at the last smoking hospital standing in the world, i'm sure they were) it needs to be addressed. document thoroughly, then let both your manager and their physician know what happened right away.

    and do that after you catch them the first time. by letting them off the hook, they didn't suffer any there was no motivation or reason for them not to try it again. i'm not saying it was your fault at all, but taking action asap could have brought a quicker and neater end to the matter and spared you some grief.

    some patients are stranger--and creepier--than others...hang in there!
  14. by   DixieRedHead
    This screams "discharge" to me. You should have reported it the first time.