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I know Nurses Week is officially over but I recently heard about a LTC facility who doesn't celebrate or even acknowledge nurses week (FYI, one of the owners of said facility is an MD). I have worked... Read More

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    Quote from hherrn
    Degrading? No. Offering grown adults an ice cream social or a pizza party is degrading. Maybe appropriate for the sophmore cheerleading squad, but not so much for trained, hardworking professionals.

    What is nursing week anyway? Who made it up?

    I just want to feel appreciated by our employers. I've never once feltbappreciated . Ice cream party? No. A nice sign hanging up with all the nurses names and signatures of administration with short phrases like "thank you for all you do" I would appreciate that VERY much, and it WOYLD boost my morale. Don't get me wrong, I get my own satisfaction by knowing I make a difference in people's lives, but it helps to know others recognize it too.
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    The intensivists in my ICU got together and bought the nurses food (from good restaurants) for both day shift and night shift two different days during nurses week (to try and get everyone). They also had goofy cartoons and cards and thanked us extra during that week. That does impact morale and clearly I don't go to work every week just for Nurses Week (and it sure doesn't make up for even one tough week at work) but it is nice to get some acknowledgement especially from colleagues. Stuff like that means more than a generic, stamped card from my CEO. With all the surveys and patient satisfaction scores and extra hoops that have to be jumped along with our everyday challenges, it would be pretty crappy for employers to not acknowledge the people that make that happen and nurses are a big part of a hospitals success. It only makes good business sense that in order to have happy "customers" (retch at that word), a company needs happy employees whether during Nurses Week or throughout the year (which, let's face it, how many places are going to take the time to always appreciate employees year round...if anything a designated week makes it easy for them).

    A friend of mine worked at another local hospital. My chain of hospitals bought out where she worked. Immediately after they bought them out, all the hospitals went on financial cutbacks and a lot of their managers were let go or changed out for the buying company's managers. Her and I emailed about it off an on. It was a tough transition and morale was kind of low. The final kick in the ass for her was when Nurses week came about and it was a pen and notepad and a generic message from managers she didn't know. The previous company had always made a big deal about Nurses week. Banners, gift bags, etc. She didn't feel appreciated, she felt left in the dirt, and she wasn't the only one. It wasn't about the gift or Nurses Week. It was an opportunity for the company to appreciate the employees for all the changes and for sticking it out with them. It soured her experience and she left the company a few months later.

    I also don't think it's wrong for a nurse to want a little acknowledgement. It doesn't make you selfish or shallow. It makes you human. Sometimes this profession can suck us dry and a little appreciation is like...well, an IV bolus for a dehydrated patient.
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    Nurses Week is just used by the hospital big wigs to make the facility look good on paper. You're not missing out on anything. We got free t-shirts (with the hospital's name) that we can wear once weekly. They ran out of sizes and I ended up with a XXL (and I'm a S-M).

    You're not appreciated no matter what time of the year it is. Just accept it.
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    I don’t understand why the places you work, don’t acknowledge the people who MAKE it run, yet they acknowledge the Docs, and I’m sure CEO and other high position jobs. Maybe it’s because I have been on the other end many times, and at a young age knew how important a nurse is to health care and have always been treated good by them, but I don’t think your profession gets the credit it deserves. You give so much and many times don’t even get a thank you from anyone patients, family members, doctors, bosses and it is sad that people rarely show appreciation.
    YOU help keep people alive, monitor for changes in conditions, notify MD’s, give meds, talk to insurance companies, advocate, wound care, teach patients, and let’s not forget charting just to name a FEW things you do. I would say if anyone deserves recognition it is a nurse. I would always make a point to thank my nurse when she would come in at the end of her shift to see if I needed anything before she left. I would also offer a hug if she wanted one. I figure they have done so much for me in 8-12 hours, why can’t I take a minute to thank and hug them. I wish people would realize the importance of your profession.
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    Quote from Wheels28
    I wish people would realize the importance of your profession.
    You're very sweet.

    It's people like you who realize the importance of my chosen profession - you're the patients I care for, and really - you're what matters to me.

    I don't need a week to celebrate what I do. I get patients that remind me I'm doing a good job or that I do a particular aspect of that job just a smidgen better than someone else.

    I don't need another corporate holiday. We've smeared enough good ones already.

    All I need is 'thanks for everything' when I get you home - either a bit better than you were when you came in, or at least on your way to spend your final days in some sort of peace (I'm an oncology RN).

    But I do appreciate your saying so.
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