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  1. NurseyPoo7

    New manager needs help

    I recently took on a nurse manager position. I've never really worked in leadership before other than being a charge nurse. I really want to focus on building the employees up. I am not the type that wants to discipline or write them up all the time. I try to compliment the nurses and CNAs on a regular basis, but I always feel like I am saying the same thing (you're doing a really great job, you're a very compassionate nurse, etc) . I am not very eloquent with my vocabulary and am looking to you all for help. What is the best compliment you've received from your boss? What are some things or phrases I can use?
  2. NurseyPoo7

    Sick calls

    After 4 call outs in 1 year, you get a verbal warning. After 5 in a year you get a written warning and are no longer eligible for a yearly raise
  3. NurseyPoo7

    Sick calls

    how many call outs does your job allow you per year before you get a warning? Also, what setting do you work in?
  4. NurseyPoo7

    Assaults / workplace violence

    Maybe it's just my facility, but I don't remember any kind of training in descalating other than to talk in a calm quiet voice. That includes nursing school, as well.
  5. NurseyPoo7

    Assaults / workplace violence

    I saw an article on Medscape Nurses about how the ANA has released a statement saying they will not tolerate violence and bullying against nurses. The article says: In a recent survey of 3765 registered nurses, almost one quarter of respondents said they had been physically assaulted at work by a patient or a patient's family member, and almost half of respondents had been bullied in some way, either by a peer (50%) or by someone with authority over them (42%). Now, I don't know about everyone else but just about every patient who has assaulted me has either been very confused or had health issues that cause them to become violent - impulsive head injuries, Alzheimer's, delirium, etc. Only one time do I remember being assaulted by a pt who was young and was in the hospital for a drug overdose, although you could say the drugs caused him to become violent. Most cases where the patient (or family/visitor) has been A&O, I was only subjected to verbal assaults, threats, cursed at, etc. What are we supposed to do in those cases? Sure, the ANA may say they don't tolerate violent and that workplaces should make efforts to ensure the staff is safe, but what else can we do? What can we do other than ensure the patient is physically or chemically restrained if they need to be- not only sure staff safety, but for their safety as well? I also feel that nursing schools and facilities need to offer more education with de-escalation techniques, conflict management, self defense, etc. Does anyone else have any insight?
  6. NurseyPoo7

    Nurses Week 2015 Freebies

    DD is a franchise business. It may have been just that location offering it. There is nothing national going on
  7. NurseyPoo7

    Nurses Week 2015 Freebies

    It's a shame this website took it upon themselves to advertise something like this falsely. I feel like maybe some nurses will be going into DD asking for their free coffee and be embarrassed.
  8. NurseyPoo7

    Nurses Week 2015 Freebies

    I've seen a lot of my nurse friends on Facebook sharing a link from mysavings.com saying Dunkin Donuts is giving nurses free coffee starting this week. I decided to go to their official Facebook page and saw this: I guess finding out now is better than a lot of us waltzing into DD and asking for our free coffee.
  9. NurseyPoo7

    CCRN / Laura Gasparis

    I went to a CCRN Review over the weekend and we watched the 2 Day Laura Gasparis CCRN Review Seminar. We didn't have handouts so I tried my best to take some notes but I know I missed a lot. Does anyone have any of the slides used in the lecture? I thought about buying the DVD for myself but it's about $150
  10. NurseyPoo7

    Gift for a new grad nurse

    Not sure why this was moved to Nurse First Job Hunt board. I am not helping her find a new job. It's a gift.
  11. NurseyPoo7

    Etiquette on writing a coworker up?

    I was taught in nursing school if you have an issue with someone you work with, then you speak to said person first.
  12. NurseyPoo7

    Gift for a new grad nurse

    I just bought a badge clip with the monogram (and some cute charms/beads on it) for her and I did find an Etsy shop that has a nursing theme etched personalized wine glass (I know she likes wine, so I might buy her some wine to go with it!) for her. Thanks for the ideas, everyone!
  13. NurseyPoo7

    Gift for a new grad nurse

    I am currently precepting a young new grad RN. I have known her since she was in nursing school and I know she is destined for a great career. I would like to get her some small gifts for when she gets off orientation. I remember when I was a new nurse, one of the preceptors I had gave me a "dog tag" with my name on it that I could put on my pair of scissors in case they walked off. I was thinking of getting her a pretty badge clip with a monogram of her initials (she has a couple of things like this, so I know she would like this), maybe a fancy pair of bandage scissors. Any other ideas?
  14. NurseyPoo7

    Help I need good CCC stepdown sheet

    Attached is the one I use. report[1][1].docx
  15. NurseyPoo7

    Pushing Dilaudid?

    Same... Been a nurse over 7 years and never even heard of it being hung in a piggyback.