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  1. New manager needs help

    I recently took on a nurse manager position. I've never really worked in leadership before other than being a charge nurse. I really want to focus on building the employees up. I am not the type that wants to discipline or write them up all the time....
  2. Sick calls

    After 4 call outs in 1 year, you get a verbal warning. After 5 in a year you get a written warning and are no longer eligible for a yearly raise
  3. Sick calls

    how many call outs does your job allow you per year before you get a warning? Also, what setting do you work in?
  4. Assaults / workplace violence

    Maybe it's just my facility, but I don't remember any kind of training in descalating other than to talk in a calm quiet voice. That includes nursing school, as well.
  5. Assaults / workplace violence

    I saw an article on Medscape Nurses about how the ANA has released a statement saying they will not tolerate violence and bullying against nurses. The article says: In a recent survey of 3765 registered nurses, almost one quarter of respondents sai...
  6. Nurses Week 2015 Freebies

    DD is a franchise business. It may have been just that location offering it. There is nothing national going on
  7. Nurses Week 2015 Freebies

    It's a shame this website took it upon themselves to advertise something like this falsely. I feel like maybe some nurses will be going into DD asking for their free coffee and be embarrassed.
  8. Nurses Week 2015 Freebies

    I've seen a lot of my nurse friends on Facebook sharing a link from saying Dunkin Donuts is giving nurses free coffee starting this week. I decided to go to their official Facebook page and saw this: I guess finding out now is better ...
  9. CCRN / Laura Gasparis

    I went to a CCRN Review over the weekend and we watched the 2 Day Laura Gasparis CCRN Review Seminar. We didn't have handouts so I tried my best to take some notes but I know I missed a lot. Does anyone have any of the slides used in the lecture? I...
  10. Gift for a new grad nurse

    Not sure why this was moved to Nurse First Job Hunt board. I am not helping her find a new job. It's a gift.
  11. Etiquette on writing a coworker up?

    I was taught in nursing school if you have an issue with someone you work with, then you speak to said person first.
  12. Gift for a new grad nurse

    I just bought a badge clip with the monogram (and some cute charms/beads on it) for her and I did find an Etsy shop that has a nursing theme etched personalized wine glass (I know she likes wine, so I might buy her some wine to go with it!) for her. ...
  13. Gift for a new grad nurse

    I am currently precepting a young new grad RN. I have known her since she was in nursing school and I know she is destined for a great career. I would like to get her some small gifts for when she gets off orientation. I remember when I was a new nu...
  14. Pushing Dilaudid?

    Same... Been a nurse over 7 years and never even heard of it being hung in a piggyback.
  15. Do you work with a cold sore?

    Well, my director actually came into work and asked me about my lip. I explained it was a cold sore and nothing else was said.