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Dear fellow healthcare colleagues, Growing up I had a father who had multiple diagnosed respiratory issues from working at the factory. I remember the night stand filled with inhalers and a... Read More

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    all the nurses on the floor ive been working on habitually bash me non stop. I literally went on that floor with a mentality that I can be a part of their team. They don't listen to any of my concerns about patients, they side track the MD's up their when I go to them with suggestions, They DO not want a well informed therapist up there that knows their stuff. they want an obedient dumb therapist who just says "ok" "sure" "no problem" "yeap" and thats it.

    You are ann embarrassment to our profession Sally RN, RRT
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    Quote from yahoomagoo
    I could openly admit that I know nothing about your IV poles but you can openly admit that maybe just maybe an RRT is a little more knowledgeable than you when it comes to the safety of the patient.

    No will never possess my knowledge and skill, sorry
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    I respect my RT colleagues, but this attitude that you are God's gift to nurses is amusing. Perhaps since nurses are there with the patient 24/7 and know them MUCH BETTER than you do, you might want to listen to what they have to say for a change, instead of just assuming that you're right.
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    What about your fellow RRTs? How do they respond to all of the nurses bashing them? They must have collectively filed well substantiated complaints against the nurses for their attitudes and patient safety issues. What was the outcome of their actions?
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    You say you are new to RT; I'm a relatively new nurse since I have only been doing this since 2015. With any new job, I feel like there a growing pains and a time to adjust to expectations vs reality. However, even with years of experience, it does nothing for RT - RN relations to come to our message board and snipe about coworkers who have been less than gracious to you. But I suspect you know that.
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    Here is a dose of reality for Canada, most of the time we work without RTs. Most of what you describe, RNS and RPNS do without hesitation; why, because it is taught to us in our program and continuing eduacation. Stop acting as if you are a gift from God and walk on water when you do a treatment. When I immigrated to the US, I was astounded that the hospital systems had so many RTs. I remember stating "why the hell do you have to wait for an RT to do a treatment, when it takes a few seconds to do it yourself?". The savages here are not the nurses, and you really should get over yourself.
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    Be prepared, because you will be eaten alive in OR.
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    And that's exactly my point, I started out extremely proactive. Asking nurses if I can help in anyway after my treatments,vent checks, suctioning etc. Asking about what this drug does, and what the pump alarm means I was genuinely interested. Now I see why I'm the "red headed step child of the hospital" or "floor whore" because although I do have and extensive knowledge of why this button is being pressed on that patient with those lungs and those settings are probably not good I get ignored by a majority of the ICU nurses its brushed off a insignificant, its just a button. But when that vent starts going hay-wire and you don't know why all of the sudden my button pressing skills become crucial. Sometimes because of the very same button I was ordered to press 30 minutes ago whilst trying to explain if that alarm goes off its because of this only to be ignored. Im not trying to explain mechanics of ventilation to decide to try and seem smart in front of you I am because it will effect OUR patient.

    All over these forums I see stuff like "what does a therapist do that I can't" etc. If the therapist over at your hospital are starting to be useless, its because they have been treated as being useless and gave up. If you can draw an ABG just as good as an RT, then fine go ahead. If you can manage a trach as good as an RT, then fine go ahead, If you can do this and that as good as an RT then fine, go ahead. but don't in return twist it into us being lazy or not wanting to do our job. If you want to be everything to our patient fine, I have 6, 10, 16 , 20+ patients to do get to anyway.

    So you're telling me the suctioning and IS is not mundane and VERY important right? well its only because and RT said its not. But if im in and out of your patients room doing "IS Q1 while awake PRN" the roles are switched into me bothering your patients for pointless stuff. But since it very important then why haven't you charted that you've been encouraging that patient to reach higher goals every hour while you were with him for 4-6 hours keeping him/her safe?

    Seems likes no matter what I say on here my words get twisted around because RT's go to jupitor to get more stupider and RN's are from mars because theyre rockstars! te he.

    and now suctioning is very important? so far 100% of the open stomas I had is see zero sputum in the collection bucket when my shift starts. you guys could suction as good as an RT but when somethings grosses you out just call the RT and say his breath sounds are junky.

    some of you refer to me as a neb jockey who gives out albuterol all day, no big deal nothing compared to the immense amount of dangerous drugs you give all day. But when your patient states being SOB all of the sudden its a life saving drug...which it is.

    you say you analyze blood gases for the most part it really isn't that hard. but if the MD cant figure out why the vent settings are maxed out (safely) and the patient isn't compensating for his uncorrected acute on chronic respiratory acidosis with moderate hyper oxygenation do you really want an RT tell ask the MD to see you because "you can draw an ABG". If you've been noticing a patients muscle tremors have been getting worse with his/her SABA are you going to recommend switching to SAAC so the muscle tremors will stop? But if I try to do the same thing for the common goal of our patient you have to rechart this and rechart that and call this person and that person and gossip about it to this nurse and that nurse. you refuse to learn from it but instead get angry at me being a good respiratory therapist.

    no wonder why all the RRT's gave up on you. you just cant accept the fact that there is an equally educated health care worker with a stethoscope working on YOUR? patient. I guess all your RRT will have left to do is vent's, god knows the hospital wont trust you with them as I admit and do not want get near that IV pole with those deadly but life saving drugs, so they're forced to keep the RT dept open.

    I forget what state and town...but a small town hospital slowly decided to start weaning off the RT's task by task treatment by treatment because all the nurses decided to reassure that theres no need for RTs here. slowly but sure allowing the nurses and nurse practitioners to do minor adjustments on ventilators. Until and MD asked a nurse to do an order for "lung recruitment" on a vent all you gotta do is slowly go up on the PEEP from 5 to 30-35 and back down to 5. did she monitor the MAP,Static and Dynamic compliance, the PIP etc? no, those numbers are there to make the vent look fancy and important..."RRT code blue 2nd floor etc" ... failed to realizes the lung she popped. that hospital went back to letting RT's do those "mundane" tasks quicker than ever.

    Sad thing is you will all interpret this as me bragging about how cool I am and wah wah i wanna be important too wah wah begging for your approval. the only people youre polite to is the workers below you sanitation,dieticians,maintenance because you feel superior to them and the NP's MD's because theyre superior to you. But an RRT who also has a associates, bachelors and stethoscopes who also get to do invasive procedures on your patients you all get snobby attitudes trying ever so desperately to prove to someone, anyone that you indeed should be considered a little more superior.

    you want a good RRT who will show up at your patients bedside instead of hanging out in the respiratory room after vent checks, act like it.

    this message is to the few nurses out there that are clueless on what we really do and at one point wanted to do but dont anymore because YOU turned us into jaded, vengeful not give a **** attitude therapists.
  11. by   brandy1017
    I wonder if you are overly sensitive and misreading the nurses. I haven't ever witnessed what you are describing. We appreciate the RT's and know they too are overworked and can't be in two places at once. If the nurses are truly as you describe I would think then they are testing you as you said you are new, but I would be surprised if they were really discounting you. I'm not an ICU nurse, although I have worked with vents and inline suctioning.

    I hope things get better for you and good luck on your next career goal. Don't write off all nurses, we all need to work together as a team.
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    gods gift to nurses? stop acting like your gods gift to your patients does your title say RN-MD Phd RRT NP OT PT ST etc etc let me guess you know just as much as they do too right?
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    heres a dose of reality for you, stop acting as if your gods gift to patients and the hospital just because you're with 2 patients for 12 hours pushing meds. stop acting like you can walk on water just because you can hang a bag and press start then type alot of stuff for the MD. the sad thing is I know you do more than that, but you refuse to understand that I do more that give an aerosol. next time you here a code blue, go ahead and intubate them, choose what vent to use, adjust the vent so you dont pop a lung or collapse one, insert and ABG line, interpret the gases and then readjust the vent settings to what they need and then move onto the other 8 vented patients you have and make sure the residents didn't order and dangerous settings out of the 452467 that we have. but no, all you see is me going in and out of your patients room doing a quick neb and staring at a screen for no reason. while you sit there. Why do you have to wait on an RT to give just a dumb quick breathing treatment? because I studied it for just as long as you did you propofol. and I'm proud of doing those nebs. Hey! while youre at it go ahead and read those new vent orders the resident just ordered while you do that neb go ahead a change a few things on that vent too, it only takes a few seconds. see how that works out.