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CNN article on nurses and job growth

  1. 24 CNN Money published several nursing articles this morning regarding the job shortage for new grads based on information they got from allnurses members.

    Since the recession, health care has been the single biggest sector for job growth, but that doesn't mean it's easy to get hired.

    Registered nurses fresh out of school are coming across thousands of job postings with an impossible requirement: "no new grads."

    It's a problem well documented by the nursing industry. About 43% of newly licensed RNs still do not have jobs within 18 months after graduation, according to a survey conducted by the American Society of Registered Nurses.
    New grads have taken to posting their frustrations on, a social network for nurses.
    FULL ARTICLE: For nursing jobs, new grads need not apply

    A slideshow of nurses and their struggles:
    1. Where's this so called shortage?
    2. Nursing jobs post "no new grads"
    3. If only I could get an in-person interview
    4. Dear Obama, Please help the nurses!
    5. Even with experience, I can't find work
    6. I want to make a difference
    7. Online applications are rejected instantly
    8. I can only find part-time work
    9. We're competing with thousands
    Thanks for all who took the time to respond. You can make a difference!!!!

    The article is the most popular discussion on CNN right now!!

    Original thread requesting for help from CNN reporter can be found at:
    New Grad Nurses struggling to find jobs - CNN Reporter wants to hear from you
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    Just read the article. Wish it came out a few months ago. I lost points on an assignment for saying there is a shortage for new grads. Apparently isn't a reliable enough source
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    I graduated in 09 with my associates degree as an RN. I have struggled to find a good job and have been so discouraged that I have considered changing fields. My problem has been a lack of experience and BSN. When I graduated I hoped to get a position that had employee education assistance so I could afford to get my BSN. My student loan debit is about to the cap. As it is rift now, I can't afford to get my BSN but to be competitive, I really need it. So far I haven't found a position that will help me get it.
    Most job postings are for travel, which requires experience, and contract work, which also requires experience and offer few benefits. When I went into nursing employers were offering bonuses to new hires and would take new grads with no problem. I have a huge debt and very few employment options.
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    Quote from ixchel
    Just read the article. Wish it came out a few months ago. I lost points on an assignment for saying there isn't a shortage for new grads. Apparently isn't a reliable enough source
    More likely your school did not want you to get the word out. Actually, I am sure of that.
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    To all the new grads who shared their stories with CNN: thank you!

    United we stand, divided we fall. You came together in unity to get the truth out regarding the sluggish nursing job market in many parts of the U.S. and you are appreciated for it.
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    Quote from ixchel
    Just read the article. Wish it came out a few months ago. I lost points on an assignment for saying there isn't a shortage for new grads. Apparently isn't a reliable enough source
    Meant isn't a shortage. Edited it by accident. Oops!
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    Saw this scroll across the news banner this morning on CNN...thanks for posting!
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    I was delightfully surprised to read this article this morning, and excited that it included information from posters here! I think it addresses the problem new nurses are all seeing - graduate nursing school to help fill the nursing shortage, but wait, wait, wait in frustration. Gaining nursing experience without working as a nurse is hard, but not impossible, and even the smallest amount can give you a boost when it comes to finding a job.
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    Yes, thanks to all of the new grads that shared their story!

    It was a pleasure to work with the CNN reporter and helping them get into contact with so many new grads to share your plight. Within 24 hours of asking, over 130 new grads shared their stories with the reporter, giving her a wealth of great stories to share for the article and spread the real story of new nursing grads.

    Good Luck to all of you starting your new career as a nurse!

    This story is still the #1 story on CNN Money, please share your comments here:
    For nursing jobs, new grads need not apply

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    Excellent articles. Sorry that this is the situation for so many of our members.
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    I too am sorry that so many are experiencing this. Hopefully this will bring to light the real struggles new nurses are facing.
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    Kind of depressing. I'm applying to an accelerated program now and hoping that volunteering and clinic rotations pay off eventually.
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    Thank you for letting us know that the article came out! I've been waiting for it ever since Brian's post asking for new grads to share their stories.
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