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  1. BluntForceTrauma

    Pet health cert.

    My dog had flown with me on almost every airline in the US and no one has yet to ask for any type of certificate or even a shot record. Placed like Hawaii and the Virgin islands have strict quarantine policies...but you'll be ok as long as you are int he continental US.
  2. BluntForceTrauma

    Anyone worked in Kaiser San Jose

    That's because all of the Kaiser hospitals are about to strike due to short staffing. All of the NorCal Kaisers had a strike back in December, abd just placed another 10 day notice for another 2 day strike to start next week.
  3. BluntForceTrauma

    I got an offer I couldn't refuse! How not to mess this up!

    Make sure that is in writing too! (the non-floating part) Also, make sure to get guaranteed hours also!
  4. BluntForceTrauma

    Car Free Travel Sites

    Ask your company where they can house you so that you would not have to have a car. AYA isn't the only agency around. I would highly suggest you shop around. If the agency knows upfront that you aren't driving, they will try to house you closer to the hospital or at least close to public transportation that will get you to and from sufficiently.
  5. BluntForceTrauma

    ICU RN

    Do some per diem or PRN jobs around town. That way you will get the feel of it. You get bare orientation, maybe one shift, and then you are on your own. I've been lucky enough to not have any experiences of "being thrown to the wolves", but have heard of several cases where that happens. No matter how big your home facility may be or no matter how much experience you think you have, there are things that you haven't experienced....and probably still won't experience in the next year or two. Best wishes in your travel endeavors....seems like you are getting a great foundation!
  6. BluntForceTrauma

    Between contracts

    I try to take time off in between assignments and if I choose to extend, I want to take at least a week off before beginning an extension. I spend my money acoordingly so that I am able to take as many breaks as I need.
  7. BluntForceTrauma

    I got an offer I couldn't refuse! How not to mess this up!

    The stipend seems like a high amount, are you sure it's not $1050 every 2 weeks? Please make sure you get that in writing. The pay package itself seems to add up, the stipendsounds a bit fishy to me. I've seen several PICU positions that are offering premium pay due to influx of patients, especially with the entero virus going around. Be prepared to float between the adult and pedi ICU's.
  8. BluntForceTrauma

    Help! The old bait and switch

    Most likely it won't get any better. Sorry for what you are going through! Any chance you are with American mobile ?? This sounds like one of their tactics. Your contract has not been signed, your license hasn't been processed. I would try to look for something else.
  9. BluntForceTrauma

    Traveling to St Thomas, VI

    What agency did you use? Let us know how it goes!
  10. BluntForceTrauma

    Live on the east coast, but work on the west coast?

    I wonder how long ago that post was...usually if they are doing that, they are per diem. Those hours may or may not be guaranteed especially overtime.
  11. BluntForceTrauma

    Travel Nurse, Checklist for getting started

    Some hospitals require a 2 step PPD...which only means you have to have a second one done.
  12. BluntForceTrauma

    Is There Such Thing As Free Housing?

  13. BluntForceTrauma

    Is There Such Thing As Free Housing?

  14. BluntForceTrauma

    California Travel Nurse Pay

    What is more important to you? Hourly wage, benefits, housing (extended stay vs furnished apartment), hours a week (36 vs 48hrs weekly) ?
  15. BluntForceTrauma

    Is There Such Thing As Free Housing?

    Yes I am