Clear stools?

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    There is a lady in our LTC who has recently had a stroke. When we take care of her and roll her over to clean her up, there is like a clear gel looking substance in her brief.
    Could it be clear stool? I've never heard of such a thing, and I don't remember anything like this in nursing school.
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    I know what you're talking about, but I don't know what it is.

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    Do you mean a small amount of mucus? Or are we talking volume? There are many things that can cause mucus in the stool, some benign, others bad.
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    I've seen it before too, in small amounts. Always figured it was mucus.
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    i vote for butt mucous.
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    originally posted by sunnygirl272
    i vote for butt mucous.
    nice. i especially like your color choice.
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    I had a CABG pt once who had this very same thing. His stool was completely clear and slightly gelatinous. It had volume as well, I'd say apprx 500cc a few times a day. We sent a sample down to the lab for C&S, O&P, etc. The lab called us back and told us the requisition had said stool, but we had sent something else. I have only seen it once in 11 years. We did some research, but couldn't find out what was causing it. Unfortunately, I was working as a critical care float at the time and never had the opportunity to follow up and see what this was. Let me know if you do.
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    We had a woman who had the same thing and she had a bowel obstruction. It is a mucous, but it's also an infection
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    See it all the time. Especially with a double barrel colostomy. They even call the distal end of the colostomy a mucous fistula. Even in these patients it is still passed from the rectum. I have seen huge quantities of mucous passed. Someone here mentioned infection. I am not discounting that but in the cases I've seen it there was no infection.
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    Mucus is seen in the stool also when the intestines are inflammed, ulcerated or engorged. Possible dx chrohns diseas, ulcerative colitis or one in the same inflammatory bowel disease.