Can't get rid of the smell!

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    Hi all...I was wondering what might help with getting rid of "that smell" could be any smell but in my case its a severe diabetic smell. I'm in clinicals every bit of it BUT today I had a diabetic LTC patient and after peri care...I Just CAN NOT get rid of the smell from my nose. It's been 8 hours and it's still there. Seems to be migrating down the back of my throat. I used the provided wash cloths and when it was clear that they weren't doing the job I resorted to plain old soap and water...truly nothing helped. She was "clean" but I couldn't get rid of her odor from her body..and now my nose. I was thinking of snorting some German schnupf tabacco but I was hoping some veteran here might have experienced advice for me and for helping my patient smell better too....YUK..and please help. Thanks so very much in advance. Alyx
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    i always carried a small jar of vick's vapor rub in my pocket so that i could put a dab under my nose just for those types of jobs.

    also have tried rubbing an alcohol prep under my nose( when ever i forgot my vick's)
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    I do not know what could help you with getting the smell out of your nose but for bathing the patients...we used tomato juice baths in the LTC facility for those really offensive odors. Just poured a can or two of tomato juice into the whirlpool and let the jets and suds do the rest. It works well. Make sure you rinse them well though
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    If it gets really bad, get a Q-Tip and some Vics Vapor rub, put the Q-tip in the rub then gently rub the Q-tip inside each nostril. Its a great trick when you have to do some of the more unsavory things i.e, burping colostomy bags.

    Hope that helps

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    Shaving cream. Seriously.. put a little in your pt bath water.. I have also seen shaving cream put into bowels or cups and left around the room.. for some strange reason it works..
    for your nose.. vicks.. or suck on a cough drop.. that usually gets rid of that.
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    I bought one of those little Vick's inhalers after I had a pt with a colostomy last week for clinicals.

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    Shaving cream during the bath...lotion after..
    mints or vaporub after usually works.
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    Lemon extract or spearmint extract a few drops on a 2x2.
    or on your paper mask.
    Lorann oils come in a variety of flavors. you can find it in the cooking section sometime,or baking stores. It is
    SPEARMINT that works best it is clean fresh and a little dab will do.
    On the onc unit, we would take coffee grounds and put them in filters in the room to absorb the odors.
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    Although the Vick's is the best, a good substitute if you don't have it would be to take toothpaste and smear it on a mask (or paper towel) and breath through it for a while.
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    i don't have any advice, but 10mg-iv ...i love your tag line!!
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